The Eastman Professional School for 1912 is beating all previous records for attendance. In the larger cities the halls which were large enough a couple of years ago, have been found too small for the increasing attendance and larger halls have been used this year than ever before. There has been an increase of 33 1/3% in attendance over last year, and not only has the attendance been larger, but the interest has been held throughout the entire three days of the school by the variety of the subjects treated upon and the close relation of one subject to the other.

At the recent school in Detroit. Mich., a photographer who had brought his grip with him Thursday afternoon that he might stay as near train time as possible, on leaving the hall, asked Mr. Scott when the school would be in Columbus. Ohio.

On being told it would be there the next week, the photographer said he had missed part of the first day's lectures and would be in Columbus to get what he had missed in Detroit.

That man was a live photographer. He had not reached the point where he knew all there was to be known about his profession. He had learned something and wanted to learn more, and was willing to make a second trip from his studio to get that information.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. M. Hayes & Co. Detroit. Mirk.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. M. Hayes & Co. Detroit. Mirk.

Copyrighte 1912.

C. M. Hayes & Co.

Just as soon as we reach that point where we know all there is to be known about our profession, just that soon do we begin to stand still or go backwards, and while we are standing still, those about us are going to get so far ahead that it Mill be a very hard matter for us to ever catch up with the procession.

The Eastman Professional School differs from ordinary demonstrations in that it is a school and not merely a series of demonstrations of certain manufactured goods.

Many of you have no doubt seen a very fine operator work under the skylight at some time and you have wished you might ask him questions about his methods of lighting and posing, but you didn't dare and probably he would not have told you anyway.

When Mr. Scott begins his lecture under the light at the School, you are at once impressed with the thoroughness of the work. He explains the principles of lighting and posing. He shows you the possible faults and defects of improper lighting and posing, as well as how easily these faults may be corrected. He anticipates, as far as possible, the questions in your mind and explains them away, as well as showing you the many little things you did not think of but which you see will be of benefit to you in your work. You not only see negatives made under the light, but you see how they are made and how they should not be made.

Many mistakes are made in selecting a lens, but this subject is so well treated and the good and bad points of the various lenses and the purposes for which they are best suited is so clearly illustrated that there is no excuse for lens trouble. Then there is not the feeling of restraint at the schools that one feels at the ordinary lecture or public demonstration. Everyone has come to learn and is impressed with the desire of the instructors to answer questions and make every point clear.

While most every photographer has had a chance to see demonstrations of the materials he is using, the demonstrations of Mr. Wade and Mr. Hazlett on the various papers, not only show the methods of manipulation, but go into the details of mounting, masking, printing in borders and in many other ways making prints that are more readily delivered to the customer.

The talk given by Mr. Wade on "Business Methods," "Advertising" and "Show Case Dressing" is well worth a visit to the school if it is applied to one's own business, but the talk is so full of meat that it is hard to give it a definite title. We might say it combines the ideas of the most successful photographers of the country, who are good business men and realize the importance of good advertising, and whenever you see a photographer who uses every legitimate means at his disposal to advertise his business and is a good business man, you will see a successful photographer as well.

There is not a dull moment in the entire session of the school, for, whenever possible, two things are being done at once. As you are having the best methods of enlarging explained to you. two demonstrators are making enlargements on a screen where you can see the entire operation, and when you have heard the explanation of the apparatus used and how you can construct apparatus in your own studio for doing the same work, you see the finished results without a moment's wait. There can be no lost time or lost motion where so much instruction is crowded into three days. For that very reason, you can not afford to miss one day or one lecture of one day, for in that may be the information that will be most useful to you.

As it is impossible for a number of people to watch a retoucher working on a negative, the projecting lantern is so arranged that the work is done on the negative in the lantern and projected on the screen on the stage so the entire audience may see every stroke of the retouching pencil, etching tool or the stub used in working in a background.

We have spoken before of the new feature of the school - "Commercial Photagraphy," and we are pleased to see the great interest shown in the work of Mr. Hance and his instruction. The subject is so broad and is treated in such a broad manner that nearly every phase of commercial work is touched upon, but instruction is gladly given on any line of this work that may be brought to the school and no one need go away without the information desired, if he will but explain the difficulties he has encountered.

The instructors are with the school for the sole purpose of instructing, and we fail to know of any case where a photographer who has gone to the school for the purpose of learning, has not received information of enough value to more than repay him for his time and expense of attending.

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From An Artura Iris Print By C.M. Hayes & Co. Detroit, Mich.

From An Artura Iris Print By C.M. Hayes & Co. Detroit, Mich.

Copyrighted 1912.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. M. Haves & Co. Detroit, Mich.

From An Artura Iris Print By C. M. Haves & Co. Detroit, Mich.

Copyrighted 1912 C, M. Hayes & Co.

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