Me and the Boss wuz down to the Big Town - yep, New York. A weke or so ago he comes in one niornin' an' he says he guessed he wuz locoed, an' that he needed a trip to brace him up, an' figgered he'd run down to New York. I ast him wuz he goin' to take his wife with him, and he says "nope," she coulden't stan' the climate.

I diden' no befoar that she wuz weekly, but the nex' morn-in' the Boss says he wuz goin' to take me with him to kepe him from gettin' lost.

He must have bot a mitey good gide book the firs' day be-kaus he diden' seme to nede me mutch.

One nite he slipped me sum munney, an' said I'd better go see a show, an' not to get lost an' not to speke to no strangers.

I walked up the strete till I come to the Hippydrome an' went in there.

Gee! but that wuz sum show - cos' me a dollar to sit up about a milenahalf from the stage - an' the stage is biggern our hole opery house.

In one part of the show they had a regeler lake with rele watter in it, an' sum swans an' a hole bote lode of peepal came rite up out of the watter.

I thot I knowed how they did that swan bizness, so when I gets hoam I tride it. I coulden' find no swan so I borr'ed Ma's parrot, an' put him under a dish pan in the bath tub an' terned on the watter. It werked all (). K., for when the tub wuz mos' full of water, up comes Polly just like the swans, only he diden' like it, and when I went to help him oute he mos' bit my finger off, an' I forgot to tern off the watter, an' it run over, and the ceilin' in the sittin' room fell down, an' Polly most got numony an' I got well as I wuz sayin' New York is sum plaice.

The Boss says one thing he likes about the Big Town is that no moss don't grow there an' that you jus' gotta hustle if you want to make a livin', and be rite up to the minute.

The Boss says the moss covered bucket aint in it with some moss covered store keepers he knows of who are runnin' their bizness on a 1876 skedule.

The Boss says that every feller ot to get away from hiz own town onct in a while an' see how sum of the other fellers iz put-tin' it over.

Me an' the Boss we visited some of the big pitcher makin' plaices, an' I notist that the fellers that wuz runnin' 'em diden' waist mutch time talkin' art an' showin' sample prints, but wuz strong on system an' bizness methods, an' none of 'em diden' say nothin' about their competitors.

Every plaice we went they seamed glad to see us, an' showed us all over, an' diden' seam to have no secrets 'bout there way of doin' things.

The Boss an' them had a good time swappin' ideas an I betcha the Boss tilled up a Man's size note book with the notions he picked up. The Boss says that a teller that's afrade to swap ideas aint shure that he'll ever get a nother one to taik the plaice of the one he let go of.

The Boss says that one idea by its self is a awful loansom thing.

I ast him coulden't you have 2 many ideas an' he says shure. but a hed full of ideas wuz some times like a frute tree that needed prunin', but when you lopped off the shoots you uzually had some helthv mane branches left.

The Boss says a idea on the job is worth 2 in the hed.

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