One hears a great many complaints regarding the man who comes to town for a week or so and does a good view business, or in some instances, the complaint is directed towards the business man or manufacturer who sends out of town for a commercial photographer to do a job of work which the local photographer thinks he should have had. It usually develops, however, that the local photographer is either not awake to these opportunities or not equipped to do the work.

It is a good idea to have a first-class outfit for this kind of work and to do a little advertising in your display case occasionally to let it be known that you are prepared to photograph anything.

Your dealer can furnish you a complete outfit to meet your requirements, and we would suggest a three focus lens as the one adapted to the greatest number of uses.

The particular outfit which we have in mind is the Empire State No. 2 with Symmetrical or Rapid Rectigraphic Lens and Double Valve Auto Shutter, six Plate Holders, Combination Tripod, R. O. C. Focusing Cloth, and Carrying Case to hold complete outfit.

Most every photographer knows the good points of the Empire State camera, particularly the No. 2. They are not mere talking points - they are essential features that enter into the ease of manipulating the camera and the certainty of getting good results quickly. Among other advantages are the sliding tripod block, automatic bellows support, supplementary light trap and large front board to accommodate various sized lenses.

The Symmetrical Lens is as good as can be obtained outside of an anastigmat, while the Rapid Rectigraphic is adapted to more varied work. The outfit with this lens is slightly higher in price. The Rectigraphic is a three focus lens of excellent quality and will appeal to those who do a great variety of work. It permits the use of the front combination, rear combination or the doublet, giving three different focal lengths in the one lens.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson Brockton, Mass.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson Brockton, Mass.

Begin the new year with a good View Outfit and a resolution to the effect that you will get this business yourself.

Your dealer will be glad to quote you prices on Empire State No. 1 or No. 2 outfit complete.

Extra Dollars

Do you know that there is a way to make an additional profit from a great number of your negatives at Christmas time, with a very small amount of trouble?

Of course you are going to be busy, but that is the time to make money - to put forth your best efforts to get still more business. Don't be satisfied with what you are doing simply because business is good.

Most every studio has some sort of suitable enlarging apparatus, but it is not the ordinary enlargement we are going to tell about. In fact the word enlargement had best not be mentioned at all in talking to the customer. It's simply a large picture, but not just the kind of large picture you are probably accustomed to making.

You have a great many customers who think they cannot afford large pictures, but they would like them if they were not so expensive.

Here is the plan and you can try it out at little expense before the Christmas rush. You make a cabinet size picture at a reasonable price. Pick out several good cabinet negatives and make a mask of black paper with an opening 3 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. This gives a panel of good proportions for an enlargement on an 11x14 piece of paper with a white margin.

Put the negative in your enlarging camera and throw the image up to 9 inches in length. The width will be 5 1/4 inches and on 11 xl4 paper you can leave a two-inch white margin at the top and sides and two and one-half inches at the bottom.

Try the new Carbon Black Buff Artura for the enlargement, and when you have made same according to the dimensions above, cut a piece of double weight paper or very thin cardboard to 6 x 10 and you will have the proper size embossing board, for our print must be embossed. Cut two openings in this board as shown by dark corners in our illustration, leaving three-eighths of an inch margin at top and sides and a five-eighths inch margin at the bottom. These openings are made so the embossing board may be quickly adjusted over the face of the print and the corners of the print located through the openings.

Embossing Board.

Embossing Board.

When this is done, hold the two together and turn the print face down. Now run a blunt edged tool along the back to press the print over the edge of the card, and a neat embossed line is given to our picture, which improves its appearance about 100%.

The Artura Carbon Black gives it all the appearance of a contact print, and the customer who can only afford moderate priced work can be shown these samples after the order has been taken, or when proofs have been shown. It can be explained that one of these pictures can be made from their negative at a cost of, say two dollars, and it will be just the thing they should have for the gift they would like to have just a bit different - just a bit better.

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