Las' munth me an' the Boss an' a nother feller goes fezzent huntin'.

I wuz took along 2 bring hoam the gaim, an' the other feller wuz took B kaus he sed he had a dog that wuz a wunder on fez-zents. The dog wuz of a modes' an' retirin' dispozition, an' it took 4 ov us to histe him in2 the macheen, an' me to sit on him when he wuz in.

The man sed he (the dog) wuz a thorrer bred, but he hiked like a X Btween a maskerade sute an' a bad case of spotted feaver.

The Boss sed he thot he gest it wuz a Swis chees houn'.

When we got oute in 2 the kountry we terned the dog loose, an' histed him oaver a barb wire fens.

Hiz oaner sed now watch him wurk.

Pretty sune he kum 2 a stan' stil with his tale a stickin' oute strate, an' as we approched we skared up a big fezzent Bhin' him an' foun' he wuz pointin' on a sparrer.

The Boss says that that dog wuz lik' a good menny men - a good knose fer bizness but denied poor i site.

The Boss asts the man wuz hiz dog gun shi, an' the man sed the dog jus' revelled in the smel ov gun powder, so quite sune as we wuz goin' along the edg' of a kornfield a ole sokker ov a fezzent flue up an' the Boss whanged away.

When the smoak kleered the dog wuz goin' down the rode so fas' that hiz fete wuz smoakin, an' we foun' him 2 1/2 miles down the rode tryin' 2 get up a win' mill tower.

The Boss says that erly trainin' is a gran' thing if yure adapted 2 what yure bein' traned for.

I asts the Boss wuz it a good thing to trane boys the saim way as dogs, an' he sed yep, only the dogs wuz eezier.

I asts the Boss wuz theare men thorrerbreads the saim az dog an' horse thorrerbreads an' he sez you betcha.

The Boss says you can awlways tel when a man's a thorrerbread withoute lookin' up his peddy gree. He says a thorrerbread will stan' for a hepe ov hard luk withoute kikken, an' when things is kummen hiz way he don' stan' aroun' an'bio' aboute it, an' that when he maiks a mistaik he don' blaim it on sumboddy eltze so he kan krawl oute frum under.

Me an' the Boss ain't havin' mutch time 2 think ov rekrea-tion jus' now az this yeres Kris-mus rush iz some hum dinger. Mos' yeres our holly day bizness haz been makin' pitchers ov girls an' the yung fellers, but this season we've had pa's an' ma's an' family grupes by the kar lode; the Boss says is dew 2 hiz tellin' the fokes in the paper that pa an' ma ot 2 hav' there pitchers taikin' an' that he wuz the phottygrafer in this burg.

The Boss says this iz the firs time in hiz life that hez had a chanct to particcypate in 50,000 dollers wurth of advertizin' an' that hez Bgun 2 draw divvy-dends allreddy.

I was hoapin' 2 get a nother raize sune but yesterday I wuz polishin' the glas' on the shokase an' I polished a whole rite thrue it, an' I tho't I wuz fired but the Boss sed that wile 2 mutch en-erggy wuz sometimes Xpensive it wuz better than beein' aslepe at the switch, an' so I'm still hoapin'.

December. Our Illustrations

The illustrations in this number of Studio Light are from the studio of Mr. A. M. Wilson, of Brocton, Mass.

Mr. Wilson specializes in child portraiture, if he can be called a specialist, for he has that knack of winning the confidence of children and getting results that are always pleasing to mothers. It takes patience and tact, but good negatives of children are usually worth the trouble.

When a man has confidence in himself, you can be pretty certain that he is an advertiser and Mr. Wilson is not an exception to this rule.

He uses good copy with an argument for having pictures made, but his particular hobby is his display case. Look his argument square in the face, as he does, and see what you make of it: The prospective customer will judge the photographer by his display case, even though he may have been led that far by good newspaper advertising. There is no way of estimating the number of customers who may pass by a poor display at your doorway and go to the other man further down the street, who does not advertise in the papers but makes good work and displays it well."

From Ax Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson Brockton, Mass.

From Ax Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson Brockton, Mass.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson Brockton, Mass.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. M. Wilson Brockton, Mass.