Let's see - how long has it been since some of you have attended a National Convention? Just think it over and see if you don't think you ought to take a week off this year and run down to Philadelphia and Atlantic City. You know the Atlantic City end of the trip is not going to cost you anything. Everyone is to be loaded on a special train or two, with passes to the seashore and return, and when you get there it will be a continuous entertainment. Bathing, dinner, dancing and various other amusements popular along the board walk, and it will all be free. The tickets will be good for a bathing suit, dinner and the various other attractions. Looks like this is going to be the most popular day of the convention, but we hear there are to be other surprises for you.

From An Artura Iris Print By the Larrimer Art Shop Marion, Ind.

From An Artura Iris Print By the Larrimer Art Shop Marion, Ind.

From An Artura Iris Print By the Larrimer Art shop Marion, Ind.

From An Artura Iris Print By the Larrimer Art shop Marion, Ind.

Philadelphia is not going to take a back seat for any convention city, and if you knew those Philadelphia boys as well as we do, you would dust off your old Panama, let your customers know you are going to be away the week of July 22nd, and go to Philadelphia with the idea of getting the worth of your money. You won't be disappointed.

This is not meant for the men alone - bless you, no; the ladies are a most important factor in conventions these days, and their exhibit will attract as much attention as that of the men. There are some very clever women in this profession of ours, and the Women's Federation has its own special attractions which will be of interest to the women. These are aside from the regular features of the Association program, so if you have never attended a National Convention, ladies, don't get the idea that this is a meeting strictly for the men and that you will feel out of place. It is your convention as well and you will meet the best talent of the Women Photographers of the United States and be benefitted by the experience.

At the time of our going to press, President Larrimer advises us that the program is not complete, but from the number of attractions under consideration, it would seem it is not so much a question of what features to use, as it is to keep the available material within the time limit of the program. There will be several very interesting lectures and print criticisms, a number of five minute talks by the most prominent men in the profession today, also several demonstrations. An exhibition and lecture by the Kinemacolor Company of America is also a possible feature and one which would be of great interest, as these wonderful motion pictures in color are one of the marvels of present day photography.

Everyone will want to visit Philadelphia's historical points of interest and many will be interested in visits to the studios of prominent Philadelphia photographers who will have their latch strings out.

The picture exhibit will be one of the best ever seen at a National Convention and every member of the Association is urged to send two pictures. The Foreign Exhibit is expected to be larger and better than ever before and will be made up of exhibits from practically the four corners of the globe. This exhibit attracted a great deal of attention last year, but only rep-represented a small number of European photographers.

Mr. C. M. Hayes, who has the work in charge, expects exhibits of more than usual interest, and it is safe to say that this will be one of the convention features which will not only attract attention but will be worth studying.

We almost forgot to say the Convention would be entertained by the local Philadelphia Committee on Friday evening, and it is safe to say the entertainment will be something decidedly worth while. It's a way they have of doing things in Philadelphia.

There are special summer excursion rates from all parts of the country to Atlantic City, so it is advisable to buy a round trip ticket to Atlantic City, with stopover privileges at Philadelphia. Hotel rates are given on another page.

Take your vacation the week of July 22nd, and steer for Philadelphia.

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