There was a time when a manufacturing business consisted of raw material, machines, labor and an idea in the form of a patent or formula, often originating outside the organization itself.

However, as demand grew and business increased, the developing organization of industry kept making such constant demands on science for help in solving its manufacturing and economic problems that we now find almost all great industries with a scientific as well as a mechanical, advertising and sales staff.

With the scientific staff in all business there is the necessity for a well equipped laboratory for the solution of scientific manufacturing problems and the improvement of products.

A few of the more far sighted business organizations have gone a step further and are delving to the roots of their business to determine the nature of its foundation.

This is the purpose of the Research Laboratory at Kodak Park. And this is a great part of the work of the scientific experts in charge. If a business is to live and grow and expand, it must depend upon forces within itself for its development. If new photographic discoveries are to be made and photography is to progress as rapidly as it should, we must not depend upon the chance discovery of some scientist outside the profession.

The new Laboratory for Research in Optics and Photography at Kodak Park is not only the most modern and perfectly equipped institution of the kind in the country - but its staff of experts includes men who are recognized authorities in their special lines of work.

The laboratory is a steel-frame, brick building, 80 feet square and three stories high, having in addition a basement the full size of the building. This is equipped with machinery for making photographic films, papers and emulsions on such a scale that any improvement in manufacture may be immediately applied to the regular manufacturing departments.

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The Physico-Chemical Laboratory

On the first floor are machines for coating and packing dry plates, the capacity being equal to that of the ordinary small factory. Besides the experimental work, the Wratten & Wainwright Panchromatic Plates are manufactured in this department.

The Wratten Color Filters, already so well known, are also manufactured here, and next to the filter department and accessible to the whole staff, is the library. This covers the whole range of chemistry, physics and engineering, in addition to photography.

The second floor, in addition to a suite of offices and a conference room, is entirely taken up by the physical and physico-chemical laboratories. These laboratories contain an array of scientific instruments most bewildering to the layman but a most complete and necessary equipment for those in charge of the work conducted.

The third floor is devoted to photographic work, which the visitor more readily understands. In front are two large studios with north light, one for ordinary experimental photographic work and the other fitted with a large

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By H. Walter Barnett London, England

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Bench for Electric Experiments

process camera for making three-color screen negatives - one of the uses of the process panchromatic plate. It is from three - color screen negatives that plates are made for printing by the three-color process.

Opposite this room is the X-Ray room, with its walls and floor covered with thick sheet lead, and a lead covered screen, with lead-glass window, extending across the room for the protection of the operator.

Connected with these rooms are the dark rooms, and at one side is a projection room with the necessary instruments for all kinds of scientific projection work, the white wall at one end of the room being used as a screen.

It is in a great scientific laboratory of this nature that standards of manufacture are established and the uniform quality of products is maintained, but it is also from the research work of such a laboratory that photography in general may expect to benefit. The science of photography is in its infancy, and in the progress that is to be made in the next few years, the Kodak Park Research Laboratory will play a most important part. Some of the discoveries will aid in perfecting the manufactured products - some will be of interest only to other scientists, while many will be of great benefit to every photographer in the profession, just as the research work of the great Rockefeller institute

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The Spectroscopic Laboratory is of benefit to every physician and surgeon.

It is only by manufacturing a great diversity of products on a large scale that it is possible to maintain a competent staff of scientists and equip such a laboratory, and by supplying the impetus necessary to keep photography abreast of the other arts and sciences, it will have accomplished its purpose and fulfilled our expectations.

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