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Vol.5 JANUARY 1914 No. 12

The Eastman Professional School has started on its 1914 trip with a brand new lot of ideas and new features that will be especially interesting to every photographer who may attend. Probably you have seen the 1913 or previous schools, but you have not seen the 1914 School.

Don't miss it.

It will be somewhere within your reach during the next eleven months, and it will certainly pay you to give up three days of your time to attend its sessions.We cannot very well tell of all the good things that are to be offered - our space does not permit, but we can give a brief outline that will interest every real progressive photographer who wishes to forge ahead in his chosen profession.

The majority of our readers are greatly interested in portraiture. Mr. Scott will handle this subject, and in his demonstrations the first day will choose his subjects from the audience, that conditions may be produced similar to those encountered in your every day work.

In addition to ordinary portraiture, subjects will be selected from the audience for demonstrating the proper handling of groups.Home portraiture has come to stay, and as the photographer sees the many opportunities this new line of work has to offer, he is naturally becoming more interested in all that pertains to home portrait work.On the second morning of the school session a demonstration of home portraiture will be made under conditions as nearly identical to those encountered in the average home as it is possible to create.

An interior effect is produced by a very clever stage setting representing a living-room with the usual home furnishings, - chairs, table, lamp, decorated walls and a large window and window seat.

The idea is not to offer a suggestion for a studio accessory, but to show as clearly as possible what may be accomplished in a home by the light of an ordinary window with suitable apparatus for home portrait work.In this demonstration the new Eastman Portrait Film will be used, many of the negatives being made directly against the light as a test of the non-halation properties of the film. Much interest will also attach to the apparatus used and the methods of working, as well as the remarkable results secured.

It will be an opportunity to get practical ideas and to see a demonstration of the use of Portrait Films under conditions which will tax their qualities and capabilities to the greatest extent.This will be one of the most realistic as well as instructive demonstrations ever attempted, and while savoring of the theatrical just enough to be interesting, will also be a practical and beneficial demonstration of a subject most interesting to every portrait photographer.

Don't miss the home portrait demonstration.

The talks and demonstrations given by Mr. De Vine on commercial photography have excited an unusual amount of interest during the past year and we have every reason to believe have been very beneficial, not only to those engaged exclusively in this line of work, but to the photographer in the small town who is anxious to develop and make the most of commercial photography as a side line.

Many new subjects are to be covered this year, and many of those only lightly touched upon in 1913 will be gone into more thoroughly in Mr. De Vine's demonstrations and lectures in the 1914 School.

Among other things, there will be a demonstration on printing from two or more negatives on one piece of paper without showing the point where the images are joined. This is a very important and interesting process, and such printing has often clinched a most profitable job of work that otherwise would have been lost.

The demonstration of coloring commercial prints will interest many workers, as well as the making and coloring of lantern slides, which will be shown and explained. There will also be a demonstration of the method used in photographing banquets by flashlight.

One of the most instructive illustrated lectures will be that on the use of color sensitive plates and filters as applied to commercial photography. The white rays of light from the projection lantern will be thrown on the screen,then separated by a prism into the colors of the spectrum. The effect of the various filters in absorbing certain of these colors, and the result produced on the various plates by their use will be clearly shown.

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To those interested in color separation and the proper methods to use in photographing colored objects, this lecture will be invaluable.

Mr. Waide will give a most interesting demonstration of the new Artura Red Tone Method, which has become so popular since shown at the Kansas City National Convention. Improved Sepia Toning Methods will also be demonstrated.

A number of new effects in fancy printing, which will add to the attractiveness of the finished product and enhance its value, will be shown.

The process of coloring prints with oil colors, waxing, and giving the finished print the effect of canvas, will be demonstrated so clearly that anyone may produce the same results without previous experience. This alone is a process many photographers have paid the price of a trip to the School to secure from other sources.

Most interesting advertising suggestions which, if followed, will put dollars in any good photographer's pockets, and good business advice that will keep those same dollars from leaking out once they have been pocketed, are among other new good things we will have to offer.

Mr. Bouton, the manager of the 1914 School, will have something new to offer those who are interested in high grade work on Platinum paper, and his suggestions, his demonstrations and his talk on photographic helps will all be interesting and profitable to those who attend. We urge you to take advantage of its many benefits - only a few of which we have mentioned.Watch the School dates on page 24 and attend when it is within your reach.