This is an innovation in Seed Plates. It is the most rapid plate we have ever manufactured, and, as the name implies, is the plate for fast Graflex work - the plate for the emergency, that will give a negative with an exposure of one one-thousandth of a second under conditions of light that would render the ordinary plate practically useless.

The trouble with extremely fast plates has been the coarse grain of the silver deposit. This was overcome in the Seed 30 and a perfect portrait plate of remarkable speed was the result. But a plate of much greater speed and of a different nature than the Seed 30 is necessary for Graflex work under conditions encountered by the average Press Photographer, who must get his pictures regardless of conditions of light.

The Absentee

The Seed Graflex Plate will not only do this work, but it will do it better than any other light.It is the day of all the year - Thanksgiving Day - when every member of the family is under the home roof-tree.

Father is skilfully disjointing the juicy gobbler, and mother, with anxiety lest the meal shall not go well, sits opposite, serving the cranberries and supervising the whole ceremony; little Johnny is attacking a mighty drumstick, and - and, Oh! but the marmalade is good.

Thanksgiving Day, the family day, but with nearly always a regret that this one or that could not be present. Had to go to Mary's folks this year, you know.Of course, it doesn't really take the place of the absentee, but on such occasions, along with the letter of regret - a new photograph.

There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.

Seed Graflex Plates are not intended for studio work, but they have a very fine grain and will produce a better quality of negative with high speed focal plane shutter exposures than any plate that has ever been manufactured.

Press photography not only requires a fast plate but also one that gives good contrast for newspaper engraving. The Seed Graflex Plate may be developed until any desired degree of contrast has been obtained without danger of chemically fogging the negative.

While this strong contrast is desirable for this particular work, we do not mean to say the Seed Graflex Plate will only produce negatives with excessive contrast. It is a plate that may be depended upon to turn failure into success in any kind of fast shutter work under poor conditions of light. If negatives of ordinary contrast are desired, give ordinary development, while if greater contrast is desired, longer development will give the result.

Seed Graflex Plates have excellent keeping qualities, better gradation than any plates approaching their speed, and Seed uniformity and dependability - qualities that have made a Seed Plate the one invariably selected for work of the greatest importance.