There has been an insistent demand on the part of photographers to have photographs included in the Parcels Post classification, but so far the P. A. of A. has been unable to obtain satisfaction from the Postal authorities. This matter was again taken up by Congress at the recent Atlanta Convention, when a plan was discussed and the legislative committee authorized to take proper steps to secure recognition by the Post Office officials.

If there is a general concerted demand for a Parcels Post rate from photographers all over the country, some notice will be taken and results may be secured, but letters of appeal must show that there is an organized effort being made to bring pressure to bear on Washington. The plan of the legislative committee of the P. A. of A. is to have every photographer in the United States send a typewritten letter to the Third Assistant Postmaster General, Washington, D. C, protesting against the present condition of affairs and asking that photographs be included in the Parcels Post classification. To do the greatest amount of good, these letters from all parts of the country should be mailed on the same date so the protest will be a united one and the volume of letters reaching the Assistant Postmaster General be so great that it will have weight and compel attention.s

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By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill,

Parcels Post Classification For Photographers A Me StudioLightMagazine1914 214Parcels Post Classification For Photographers A Me StudioLightMagazine1914 215

The plan is a good one and reasonably certain of results if every photographer will obligate himself to write such a letter on October 30th, the date set for this purpose. The Secretary of the P. A. of A. will on October 30th, write a letter to the Third Assistant Postmaster General, informing him of the resolutions adopted by the recent Congress of the P. A. of A., at the same time making an earnest plea on behalf of the photographers of the United States for a Parcels Post rate for photographs.

Mark October 30th on your calendar and do your part towards helping the Association secure this desired legislation regardless of whether you are a member of the Association or not. Other organizations have accomplished results along these lines. Will every photographer please write a letter on October 30th to see what photographers can accomplish by organized effort? John I. Hoffman, Sec'y P. A. of A.

Eastman Etching Knife

As will be seen by the illustration above, the Eastman Etching Knife is different from etching tools that have been previously marketed. This knife has been specially designed to conform with the ideas of the most practical users of etching knives. The blade has two broad cutting edges at the proper angle to allow the knife to be held in a natural and easy position while working. The cutting edges have just enough curve to do away with any probability of digging the negative with a sharp point, at the same time being flat enough to give all the cutting surface necessary. The handle is tapering towards the end where it rests against the hand, its flat surface preventing the knife from turning in the fingers. The blade itself is of the finest quality of steel and is set rigidly in the ebony handle. The knife complete measures 5 3/4 inches and is enclosed in a stropping case which offers a means of keeping the cutting edge sharp at all times.

This is undoubtedly the best and most practical etching tool

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By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, Ill.

Eastman Etching Knife StudioLightMagazine1914 217

that has ever been placed on the market and should be in the hands of every retoucher who is required to use a knife on a negative.


Eastman Etching Knife complete with stropping case $1.00

The Absentee

There is something about Thanksgiving Day that makes everyone who ever had a home want to be there - of all days - on that one.

The frost in the air, the fallen leaves, the harvested crops, the smell of the wood fire, to say nothing of the turkey in the kitchen oven - who would miss spending such a feast day under the family roof-tree were a visit to the old home possible ? The boy away at school has dreamed for weeks of Mother's pumpkin pies - and what's the use of a boy having a home if he can't be there Thanksgiving Day ?

But sometimes it's different with the grown-ups. What then could be more appropriate than that ad. on page 7 ? Read it and you will fairly see the good things on the table. You will also recall the Thanksgiving Days you have had to spend away from home, and it will make even you - a photographer - think of a picture of yourself for the home folks.

What could be more appropriate for November advertising ? This ad. will be read by millions who will have plenty of time to have portraits made to send the home folks for Thanksgiving Day. It will also make excellent copy for your own late October and early November local advertising. Don't crowd it. Give it good space in your local paper with plenty of white margin to make it stand out prominently.

This advertisement will appear as a full page in the November Century, Scribner's, Review of Reviews, McClure's, Harper's, and the December Cosmopolitan, which is issued November 10th. It will also appear as a quarter page in the November Ladies' Home Journal and Woman's Home Companion.

This is a broadside of big guns in advertising, the effect of which will be felt by photographers from one end of the country to the other.

It is your advertising, for your benefit, and if you are the live photographer in your town, you will profit by it.

In ordering the Majestic Print Dryer from your dealer it is necessary to specify direct or alternating current and what voltage.

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By Melvin H. Sykes Chicago, III.

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