There are a great many people who never pay over six dollars a dozen for photographs, the reason being that they can't afford twelve or twenty-four dollar work. The pictures they buy are small because they can't get a larger picture at this price.

And as these folks have just as many friends and relatives - sometimes more - than people who can afford larger and more expensive work, they must have their dozen or more pictures to go around.

There may be a good profit on six dollar pictures - but there is a way of making the profit larger. You couldn't afford to make an 8x10 or 11x14 negative on such orders and sell one or two prints at the price these people could afford to pay, but you can make one or two large prints on Artura Carbon Black from the small negative and make a handsome profit.

Don't hesitate to show six-dollar customers your large work as well as the smaller sizes. It creates a desire for large pictures. Then when you have secured an order, if it be for small work, explain how it is possible to use this same negative for making one or two nice large prints at a reasonable price.

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By Eugene R. Hutchinson Chicago, III.

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By Eugene R. Hutchinson Chicago, III.

The holiday season is close at hand and there are many people who never have photographs made at any other time. As Christmas gifts nothing could be more appropriate. A tactful suggestion - a few nicely finished samples showing the small print as well as the enlargement - and you will often sell several dollars worth of large work at a much greater proportionate profit than your original order.

It is important to have good clean samples. Nothing but perfect prints should be shown and these should be carefully spotted, embossed, mounted in folders or otherwise finished as carefully as twenty-four, thirty-six or fifty dollar pictures.

A line of small enlargements should be distinctive. They do not need to be put up in the same style as contact prints that sell at higher prices - neither do they need to be delivered in such an unfinished condition that they suggest enlargements or crayon portraits.

At some time your customer may have had to buy a frame in order to secure a beautiful enlargement free of charge. And anything that smacks of this old scheme will hurt your sale of Carbon Black prints. It's better not to speak of them as enlargements at all. Sell large prints from small negatives and dispel the enlargement idea by showing contact quality samples.

Artura Carbon Black enlargements have contact quality. The same surfaces may be had as in Artura Iris, so the same effect may be secured in the large print as in the small contact print. And most any customer for six dollar work can afford to increase the order a couple of dollars - in fact will be glad of the chance to get a single print at the dozen rate charged for similar large pictures.

That christmas AD that Christmas ad on page 7 should mean a lot to you - will mean a lot more to you if you are advertising and still more if you use the same copy - with your signature substituted, of course.This copy is being run in the December numbers of Saturday Evening' Post, Century, Harper's, Review of Reviews, Scribner's and World's Work.

It won't pay you to advertise in the magazines but you can connect up with our magazine advertising in your local paper and this gives you the direct benefit of the interest we create in photographs for Christmas.

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By Eugene R. Hutchinson Chicago, III.