When we say that Mr. Frank Scott Clark is an artist we say it advisedly. Mr. Clark exhibited three excellent paintings at the National Convention at Indianapolis and, we learn, is to have four of his paintings hung in the opening exhibition of the Detroit Art Museum, Dec. 1st.

But it is in photography that Mr. Clark excels. He began his career as a photographer in New York City in 1880, moving to Detroit in 1892. The firm of Huntington and Clark was formed and the studio became known throughout the entire country for its excellent work. Mr. Huntington looked after the firm's business interests, while Mr. Clark was establishing a reputation for artistic portraiture.

With his reputation well established Mr. Clark made a bold venture. He secured a residence at 654 Woodward Avenue, which at that time, 1902, was at least one mile from the nearest down town place of business. This was converted into the beautiful residence studio which he still occupies and in which we think his best work has been made.

The house is old fashioned and the furnishings throughout have always been kept in perfect harmony. Rag carpets and rugs are in keeping with the home like surroundings and the general effect is a delightful blending of cheerfulness, good taste and comfort.

There is no display case, nothing to indicate the place of business other than the modest sign which reads: "Frank Scott Clark Studio."But with his reputation for years of successful work this is quite sufficient. He advertises through his work, its quality and the satisfaction it gives his patrons.

Mr. Clark is not only an excellent workman, as is shown by the examples of work in our illustrations, but is also a good business man. And he is ably assisted by Mrs. Clark, who acts as hostess, if such a term may be applied to a business woman who looks after the comfort of the business guests and sees that they receive proper attention.

Our reproductions are from Artura Iris prints which show the care given to the quality of the finished portrait - the best advertisement for any man's work, in Mr. Clark's judgment. These illustrations are worth studying, not only for their quality but for the originality shown in the composition, lighting and general effect.Use Eastman Permanent Crystal Pyro.It is one of the tested chemicals.