The Eastman School is on the road again after the holiday vacation. Time has been taken to add new equipment, to whip new ideas and working methods into shape and to properly arrange and time demonstrations and lectures so that all of the good things can be crowded into the three days of instruction.

The School is larger than ever before. It has been made over, enlarged and then boiled down to something near its normal size, but it is, for the most part, brand new.It is more than ever, a school of instruction. Some of the methods which could only be explained in the 1915 School have been improved and are now being demonstrated in a most instruc-

tive manner. This is especially true of commercial work. The negatives of difficult subjects are actually made after they have been prepared by the latest and most approved methods.

The same may be said to apply to the business talks of the School program. Much has been said of business methods and system in a general way, but the present School has a definite system to offer the photographer. It is simple enough for anyone to understand, yet broad enough to take care of the business of most any studio.

It does not require an expensive set of books and it does not require an expert accountant to install it and keep its records in order. It is a means of obtaining a record of all the transactions of a photographic studio, enabling one to determine the receipts, disbursements, expense, costs, profits, etc., for a given time. It keeps the various items separated in such a way that any desired information as to the standing of the business, available assets, accounts payable, etc., may be determined in the least possible time and the simplest manner.

The importance of system in the studio has been preached at most every photographic gathering in the last few years. However, available methods have been too difficult or have been more complicated than the nature of the photographer's business required.

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The system taught in the 1916 School is as simple as is consistent with good business practice. It has been devised by expert accountants who are familiar with the photographer's requirements. And this one feature is worth a trip to the School. It is a first day feature - don't miss it.

Negative making, while no more important than good business practice, has always held a greater interest for those attending the School. While business method has been strongly featured, practical negative making has by no means been slighted.

The negative making demonstrations will be more interesting than ever before, and they will be different. Aside from the home portrait setting and demonstration in home portraiture, which has been an interesting feature of recent schools, a skylight has been added to the school equipment.

This has been made, as nearly as possible, the counterpart of skylights in the average studio. It will give you a better idea of how to control your light, because it duplicates studio conditions as nearly as can be done with artificial illumination.

In these demonstrations the photographing of babies and children, singly and in groups, will be a feature. Child portraiture has been so successfully practiced by some photographers that they have come to be known as specialists. The high-chair and woolly rug, that figured in most every baby picture made some years ago, have been discarded by progressive photographers and children are now allowed to be their natural selves. The best methods and accessories used to secure portraits of children under such conditions will be shown in these demonstrations. Subjects will also be selected from the audience and the best method of handling each individual will be shown.

But we can't tell you of all the good things in these pages. You will have to attend the 1916 School and see for yourself. Bring your printer and retoucher and receptionist, for there are new things of interest and value in the work of each of these.

The School is coming to you this year at a much greater operating expense than ever before because of the greater amount of special apparatus necessary for practical demonstration. As a consequence, it will be of more practical value to you. Close up the studio for three days and take advantage of the best and most practical course of instruction the School has ever offered you.

It's a Seed Plate you need.

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