You may be interested in all things pertaining to photography, but you are most vitally interested in the things that will make more business for your studio.

One of the best business-getters that ever worked for the photographer was the old family photograph album. So long as there was a vacant space between its covers it invited more photographs, and when it had been filled a new album became a necessity.

The album idea has never gone out of style, but the old portrait album for cabinet sized prints was put out of business because it had limitations - it was not elastic enough to accommodate the great variety of styles and sizes of prints that followed the doom of the cabinet picture.

Photography had to expand, but the family album was unable, of itself, to do this. And not being a direct product of photography, it has been neglected and its value from an advertising and business-creating standpoint has, for a time, been lost.

I can recall the advent of the photograph album in the old home - can remember the interest aroused by the arrival of pictures of Aunt Kate and Uncle Will whom we had never seen and who only existed in our imaginations, until those pictures arrived.

And then we became the most energetic collectors of portraits. We filled that album and another in our efforts to make our picture record of the family history complete.

Those old albums still exist. The pictures are still in good condition, but what has become of recent pictures of family and friends? I have some in an old trunk in the attic - a few more in a box of old books - I found several recent ones in the drawer of a library table, and there are three small ones framed and several more received during the holidays lying loosely about - they won't stand up.

My experience is not the exception but the rule. I have asked others and their experience is the same - and invariably they have wished they might have a way of keeping photographs - have wished for the return of the photograph album in a practical form that would meet present day requirements.

The Eastman Kodak Co. has worked out a practical photograph album that will take 87 % of the various prints that are now being made by professional photographers. It is substantial and dignified looking - is bound in black, long-grained leather and has the one word "Portraits" hot pressed in gold leaf on the front cover. It is in faultless taste and is as well-made and as good as it looks.

The three styles of leaves have been cleverly designed to take seven different sizes of prints in three different sized openings. This is accomplished by placing mats back of the openings. The album is then made up of twelve leaves, assorted, with spacers between, and these spacers may be removed and twelve additional leaves added without increasing the thickness of the back of the album.

The albums are made in both horizontal and vertical shapes, the former 10 ¾ x 15 inches and the latter 12 x 13¾ inches. The three styles of leaves are furnished for each and are designated as H. 1, H. 2 and H. 3 and V.4, V. 5 and V. 6.

The H. 3 and V. 6 leaves have square openings 7¼ x9¼, back of which is a mat for a 6 x 8 oval. An 8 x 10 print can be placed directly back of the 7¼ X 9¼ opening, or a 6½ x 8½ print back of the oval mat.

The H. 2 and the V. 5 leaves have 4¼ x 6 3/8 square openings, back of which are two mats with 3½ x 5 5/8 square and 3 3/8 x 4 7/8 oval openings.

The H. 1 and V. 4 leaves have 3x5 square openings, back of which are 2¾ x3¼ oval mats.

The album is furnished with twelve leaves for assorted sizes of prints, but as extra leaves may be added or any of those in the album removed, it may also be arranged for all large, medium or small prints, as the customer desires. The leaves are in neutral tones of gray and tan and are suitable for black and white or sepia prints.

Fully 90 % of all portraits are inserted in folders or loosely tipped on the mounts, and it is a very simple matter to detach and place them in the album where they have a permanent home.

Attached to the inside of the back cover of the album is a portfolio for carrying loose prints.

Write your dealer at once for information as to prices at which he can supply these albums. It will certainly be to your interest to push the sale of these albums to your customers, and the more of them you are able to place in use, the greater will be the stimulus given to photography.

It is human nature to wish a thing complete, and a portrait album is never complete until it is filled. Once filled, the twelve extra leaves the album will hold allow for its expansion to double its original capacity.

Your dealer has the Eastman Portrait Album in stock and will be glad to show it.

From An Artura Iris Print By Campbell Studio New York.

From An Artura Iris Print By Campbell Studio New York.

Eastman Portrait Albums.

Eastman Portrait Albums.

Vertical Album, Showing Arrangement of Mats.

Vertical Album, Showing Arrangement of Mats.

Horizontal Album, Showing Arrangement of Mats.

Horizontal Album, Showing Arrangement of Mats.