Last year, in our Easter advertising for the photographer, we said:

"Let the Easter card carry the message that lends the personal touch of friendship: Your photograph."

This was good advertising - photographs as Easter gifts - but why not a bit more individuality for those who like it, and suggest that the photograph for Easter this year take the form of an Easter greeting card ?

It's a very clever idea, as we have seen it carried out, the entire card being a piece of Artura Paper, and it would appeal to those who have a desire to be original. Our illustration shows the form of the card, the printed matter and the placing of the picture, though this would be varied to suit the individual.

The example we show is merely a suggestion for the lay-out or placing of the type matter and picture, the wording not being intended as a suggestion for a proper form of greeting. This should be furnished by the individual to carry out the idea of originality and add the personal touch.

The average person sends a number of Raster Greeting cards and it is quite a common thing to have special cards engraved to make them more distinctive.

A great number of photographs are also distributed every year as Easter remembrances, along with an Easter card - so why not combine the two and make an Easter greeting that is specially distinctive.

The card we show is a 9 x 11 piece of B Artura, which is a tough double weight stock, and the print is made on the right hand half of the sheet, which is folded with the picture inside. The photographic work is comparatively simple once a good negative is secured, but exceptional care should be used in the typographical printing.

Follow the ideas of the best printed or engraved cards you can find, and choose a printer to make up your samples and do your work who knows his business. Tiffany Gothic is the style of type we have used for printing, and it is very neat and dignified. The printer will only need to make changes in the greeting and names once the printed matter for the card is decided upon, unless your customer wishes some special matter on the cover, in which case the printer's charge will be slightly greater.

This idea can be worked out in different sized folders, but the originality and effectiveness of the idea is spoiled if the print is mounted.

We have seen cards with the photograph and season's greeting on the outside and the personal greeting on the inside of the folder. This form permits the prints to be folded wet and dried, while the form we show necessitates that the prints be partially dry before they are folded.

Whether the emulsion side of the paper is outside or inside it is desirable to keep the emulsion and paper as flexible as possible and this may be done by soaking prints for about ten minutes in a solution of one ounce of glycerine to sixteen ounces of water. Prints are not washed after removing from this solution.

The ordinary emulsion is so tough that with reasonably careful handling there is no noticeable tendency to crack.

The negative to be used is placed in a large printing frame and a mask used to cover the entire sheet of paper. When the prints are finished, trimmed and folded, they are sent to the printer, several orders at a time, so that the "Easter Greeting, 1917," can be printed on outside of all the orders alike. The matter on the inside of folders will require a separate printing for each order, as the names and greetings are changed. A band of white ribbon is tied about each card and special envelopes furnished for each.

To offer such photographic Easter cards without printing cheapens the whole idea, which is to give the customer something distinctive and novel. Such an idea carried out properly, as we have seen it carried out, will net you a good profit and considerably increase the size of your Easter orders.

Your customer might ordinarily mail twenty-four Easter cards to friends and include photographs with six of them. Interest the customer in a distinctive photographic Easter card and you will get the order for twenty-four instead of six photographs.

Easter comes on the eighth of April this year so there is just good time for working up such an idea.