In mining leases the lessee commonly agrees to pay a royalty varying with the amount of ore mined and also agrees to mine annually at least a certain quantity. It is a question of construction whether such a lease is made on the assumption by both parties that ore exists in such quality that it is commercially possible to extract the agreed amount; or whether the lessee takes the risk of this and binds himself to perform in any event.28 If the lessee's agreement is in terms rather to pay a minimum sum than to mine a minimum quantity, it is natural to infer that he agreed to take the risk of the existence of the ore, but if the agreement in terms is to mine a certain quantity, the surrounding circumstances may indicate that in making the agreement, the parties assumed the existence of the ore as a matter of course, rather than imposed the risk of possibility on the lessee; and in case of doubt the modern tendency seems rather to favor this construction.29

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