The signature by the agent of the principal's name alone is sufficient to bind the principal if the agent was duly authorized.91 So a signature of the agent stated to be "on account of" the principal,92 or "on behalf of," 93 or "for" the principal," makes the instrument his obligation. But it is generally held that the mere addition of the word "agent" or such official designations as - "president," "treasurer," "trustee," in the absence of words in the body of the instrument showing a different intent, is to be treated as matter of description, and principal a bill received in the prin-cipal'H business the agent is liable. Goupy v. Harden, 7 Taunt. 160.

89Thomas v. Bishop, 2 Str. 965; Newhall v. Dunlap, 14 Me. 180, 31 Am. Dec. 45; Bank of British North America v. Hooper, 5 Gray, 567, 66 Am. Dec. 390; Bass v. O'Brien, 12 Gray, 477. The law is otherwise in Louisiana. Maher v. Overton, 9 La. 115; Milligan v. Lyle, 24 La. Ann. 144. See also Wallis v. Johnson School Township, 75 Ind. 368. In Olcott v. Tioga R. Co., 40 Barb. 179, affd. in 27 N. Y. 546, 84 Am. Dec. 298, a draft signed by "A" with the addition "President" of a named corporation, drawn on B, named as Treasurer of another corporation, with direction to "charge motive power and account," was held the bill of the corporation, and not of A individually. In this case, however, there was the further circumstance that the bill was dated at the office of the corporation.

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Co., 13 Pick. 291; Fuller v. Hooper, 3 Gray, 334; Davis v. Henderson, 25 Miss. 549.

91 Second Nat. Bank v. Martin, 82 Ia. 442, 48 N. W. 735; Young v. Perry, 42 N. Y. App. 247, 59 N. Y. S. 19. In these cases the name of a corporation was signed without indication of the officer or agent who wrote the signa-

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Uniform Negotiable Instruments Law may have changed the law. This result is more necessarily reached in regard to a note signed by an officer of a corporation, where the body of the note states "I" promise to pay;97 though the same result has been reached where a note read "we" promise, and was signed by a single person with the addition of his official title in a specified corporation."97a