The doctrine of substantial performance is by no means limited to building contracts. If any contract is performed substantially, recovery can be had thereon subject to recoupment of damages, if any.1 Recovery can be had in case of substantial performance of a contract to construct a heating apparatus.2 A contract for the sale of realty free from encumbrances is substantially performed, though encumbrances exist, if they are less than the amount of the purchase money,3 especially if a release of them is obtained and tendered.4 A contract to consolidate two corporations and to assign all the stock of one of them is substantially performed by transferring the assets, good will and three-fourths of the stock of such corporation, and suppressing its competition.5 So a contract giving A a prior right, over any other person, to buy B's stock in a corporation is substantially performed by giving A an opportunity to buy such stock at the price for which it is finally sold.6 A contract by A to effect a sale of B's land during the existence of an option thereon is substantially performed if A effects a valid contract for such sale, though the deeds are not executed until the option has expired.7 A contract to pay a certain sum for land down and the balance in a certain time is substantially performed by the tender of the entire amount due, such tender being kept good.8 So a contract to convey land to B is substantially performed where the grantor conveys to A who then conveys to B.9 A contract to locate a business at a certain town is substantially performed by locating such business there, in good faith, though it is subsequently removed, or its property and franchises are sold at judicial sale to one who removes the business.10 So a contract to publish a newspaper in an addition to a town for a given time is substantially performed where the paper is printed and distributed in such addition for such time, though the publisher writes his editorials and sets type for a small portion of the time outside of such addition, because the adversary party does not furnish him an office as he had agreed to do.11 The doctrine of substantial performance applies to contracts to locate railroads.12 Thus a contract that one road should intersect another "at" a given city is substantially performed where they intersect within a hundred yards of the city limits.13 So a contract by which a street railway comcovery, subject to recoupment for damages caused by failure to perform literally.21 Hence the contractor is not liable for damages resulting from defects after the owner has had a reasonable opportunity to remedy them."2 So a contract to sink a well is substantially performed in case of an oil well by drilling until oil is struck, even though the contractor loses his tools in the well, which is, on that account, somewhat less valuable.23 So, in case of a well for water, drilling till water is found, is a substantial performance although the contractor does not put a screen at the bottom of the well, because the other party orders him to stop work.24 So one who contracts to drill a well and commences work, may abandon that well and drill another one if completion of the first becomes impracticable by reason of the breaking of the drill.25 A contract to manufacture chattels, to conform to a given pattern or style, is enforceable if substantially performed.26 The proof of a shield design for an advertising sign, was approved by the party for whom it was made, with the statement that he wanted "something of that style." Slight changes made afterwards in placing the words upon the sign, were held not to prevent substantial performance.27 A contract for sending goods for sale on commission, goods not returned in thirty days with express charges prepaid to be treated as sold, is substantially performed by returning the goods within thirty days and remitting the amount of the express charges within a reasonable period after the expiration of thirty days.28 A caterer who does not furnish as good an entertainment as he agreed, but acts in good faith, performs substantially so that he may recover the contract price subject to recoupment for damages.29

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