Upon the completion of this contract, whether by the Contractor or the Government, or the termination of the contract without further performance thereof, or from time to time during the performance of this contract, the Contractor agrees to make such disposition at the expense and for the account of the Government, of the increased facilities paid for by the Government, unused material, rejected articles, and generally all such other property which shall have been paid for by the Government, as the contracting officer shall, in writing, direct; such directions to be given during the performance of this contract, or within sixty (60) days after its termination or completion, provided that material or facilities for use in connection with this contract or other contracts between the parties hereto shall not be disturbed.

Any of the foregoing property may be sold to the Contractor by the Contracting Officer, upon terms mutually agreeable. If the Contractor is required to store such property, the period of such storage shall not exceed six (6) months from the completion of the contract or its cancellation, and the cost of storage and all costs incident thereto shall be, from time to time, paid to the Contractor by the Government.

If land and buildings of the Contractor are used for storage, the Government shall pay the Contractor a reasonable rental therefor, as may be mutually agreed upon; or if agreement is impossible, as may be fixed by the Chief Signal Officer, but in no event to be more than at the rate of ten per cent. (10%) per annum of the cost of such land and buildings to the Contractor, or a proportion of such cost according to the proportion of land and buildings used.

It is agreed that the foregoing measure of payment shall apply to any storage of articles in accordance with Article III hereof.