In Michigan it is said that the beneficiary can sue only upon marriage settlements which involve trusts for the children of the marriage.1 If a contract is made between a board of commerce and a manufacturing company, for the benefit of a number of persons who have contributed to the fund which the chamber of commerce has raised for such manufacturing company, such beneficiaries can not maintain an action upon such contract.2 A contract between A and B, who are husband and wife, by which each agreed to insure his life for the benefit of their children, can not be enforced by the children; and if A changes the beneficiary in such insurance policy after B's death, C has no remedy in law or in equity.3 If A makes a promise to B, that in consideration of B's surrendering A's note to A, A will pay a note which B has given to C, C can not enforce such promise against A;4 and if A agrees with his brother, B, that in consideration of an exchange of realty A will give a bequest to his niece, C, C can not maintain an action upon such contract in the absence of statute.5 It is assumed, however, that a provision of the Judicature Act6, to the effect that an action is to be brought by the real party in interest, changes this rule in Michigan, and gives a substantive right to the beneficiary. It is conceded, however, that such a statute is not a mere matter of procedure and that it can not authorize C to sue upon a contract for C's benefit, which was made before such statute was enacted.7 If B advances money to A, in consideration of A?s promise to pay such money to C, and such promise is evidenced in a note secured by a mortgage, which is payable to C, C may enforce such contract.8

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