(a) The Contract Documents consist of the Agreement, the General Conditions of the Contract, the Drawings and Specifications, including all modifications thereof incorporated in the documents before their execution. These form the Contract.

(b) The Owner, the Contractor and the Architect are those named as such in the Agreement. They are treated throughout the Contract Documents as if each were of the singular number and masculine gender.

(c) The term Subcontractor, as employed herein, includes only those having a direct contract with the Contractor and it includes one who furnishes material worked to a special design according to the plans or specifications of this work, but does not include one who merely furnishes material not so worked.

l The Standard Documents have received the approval of the National Association of Builders' Exchanges, the National Association of Master Plumbers, the National Association of Sheet Metal Contractors of the United States, the National Electrical Contractors' Association of the United States, the National Association of Marble Dealers, the Building Granite Quarries Association, the Building Trades Employers' Association of the City of New York, and the Heating end Piping Contractors National Association. Third edition, copyright 1915-1918 by the American Institute of Architects, The Octagon, Washington. D. C.

(d) Written notice shall be deemed to have been duly served if delivered in person to the individual or to a member of the firm or to an officer of the corporation for whom it is intended, or if delivered at or sent by registered mail to the last business address known to him who gives the notice.

(e) The term "work" of the Contractor or Subcontractor includes labor or materials or both.

(f) All time limits stated in the Contract Documents are of the essence of the contract.

(g) The law of the place of building shall govern the construction of this contract.