A green bronze for brass is obtained by mixing 1 part of green vitriol, 1 part of gum arabic, 1 part of sal-ammoniac, 1 part of red umber, 1 part of mineral green, 80 parts of strong vinegar and 4 parts of Aviginon berries. Cleanse the articles to be bronzed with diluted nitric acid, then rinse them with water and apply the fluid with a brush. If the color is not then satisfactorily dark the article is to be heated until too warm to be held in the hand, and then given a coat of spirit of wine mixed with a little lampblack. Finish the work by applying a coat of spirit of varnish Another green bronze for brass is obtained by adding to a solution of 8 drachms of copper in 1 ounce of strong nitric acid, 3 1/2 drachms sal-ammoniac, 6 3/4 drachms aqua-ammonia and 10 1/2 ounces vinegar. This liquid is to be placed in a bottle not tightly corked, and allowed to stand in a warm place for several days. After it has been applied to any object it should be dried by exposure to heat, and when dry a coat of linseed oil varnish should be applied, which is also dried by heat.