A good bronze for copper is made by the dissolution of:

30 parts Hydro-chlorate Ammonium, 10 parts Cream of Tartar, 10 parts Common Salt, 10 parts Acetate of Copper, 100 parts Acetate Acid, moderately concentrated or in 200 parts of strong vinegar; a little water is to be added to this. When the mixture has become homogeneous the copper object is daubed with it and allowed to dry at an ordinary temperature at from 24 to 48 hours. When this period of time has elapsed the copper object will be found covered with verdigris, presenting a variety of tints. The whole, especially the reliefs, are to be brushed with a wax brush, and if necessary the high reliefs should be set off with chrome yellow or hematite. If you wish to deepen the color of the parts on which the bronzing is, lead carbonate of ammonia may be used. Light touches of ammonia will give a bluish tint to the green portions. If you wish to give the copper a bluish-green bronze, apply to its surface a fluid obtained by warm digestion of cinnabar with a solution of sodium sulphide, to which an addition of caustic lime has been made.