Removing Old Putty

Any one who has tried to remove old, dry putty from a window will agree that it is far from being a pleasant job. An easy way to accomplish it is to pass a hot iron, as a soldering iron, over the putty, which will soften it so it may be readily removed with a knife or chisel.

Removing Rust From Cast-Iron

To remove rust from cast-iron, use the following: To 1 part sulphuric acid add 10 parts water, into which dip the casting. When it is withdrawn it should be at once dipped into hot lime water, and held there until it becomes so heated that it will dry immediately when taken out. Then rub with dry bran or sawdust, and a clean surface is the result.

Removing Rust From Knives

To remove rust from knives cover them with sweet oil, well rubbed on, and after two days take a lump of fresh lime and rub till the rust disappears.

Removing Rust From Nickel-Plate

To remove rust stains from nickel-plate grease the rust stains with oil, and after a few days rub thoroughly with a cloth moistened with ammonia. If any spots still remain, remove them with dilute hydrochloric acid and polish with tripoli.

Removing Rust From Polished Steel

To remove rust from polished steel articles, soak the rusty places for a few days with oil and then scour with emery or tripoli and oil. using a stick of hard wood. Wipe off the oil and all other impurities; rub the stains once more with emery and wine vinegar, and Finally polish with fine bloodstone and leather.

Removing Rust From Steel

Cover the steel thoroughly with sweet oil and let it remain there for about three days. Then take some unslaked lime, finely powdered, and rub with it until all rust disappears.

Removing Rust From Steel Tools

Rust may often be removed from steel tools by immersing them in kerosene oil for a few days. This loosens the rust so that it may rub off. Where the rust is not very deep-seated emery paper will do, but if of long standing the tools must be refinished.

Removing Rusty Bolts

To remove bolts that are rusted without breaking them, the most effective remedy known is the liberal application of petroleum. Care must be taken that the rusted parts are reached by it, and some time must be allowed to give it a chance to soften the layer of rust, before any attempts are made to remove the bolt. If, before the bolt has been driven, it could be dipped into a mixture of graphite grease, or graphite oil, it would never rust. Graphite prepared in this way, with grease or oil. absolutely prevents rust.

Removing Stains From Ivory

To remove stains from ivory, immerse the pieces in benzine and go over them with a brush.

Removing Tarnish From Gold After Hard Soldering

The gold is first protected by a coat of yellow ochre paint and ground up with water to which a small quantity of borax has been added. After the soldering, put same in a pickle composed of 1 part sulphuric acid diluted with 6 parts of water. Should the gold, on emerging from this pickle, look whitish and show too much of the silver alloy, it should be plunged for a moment in a heated mixture of saltpetre and sulphuric acid, to which no water has been added. It should then be washed and polished with rotten stone aid oil. Then comes a second washing and polishing with rouge.