Repairing Leaky Gutters

To repair leaky gutters while constantly filling with water from melting snow and ice, when you cannot bail the water out fast enough to enable you to solder the broken seams: Make a syphon with a 1/2-inch rubber tube and start it running, and in a few minutes the gutter will be clear of water so the work can be done.

Repairing Valleys

To repair on old valley, cut off all but 1 1/2 inches of it and turn up the remaining part. Turn up the new valley 2 inches, turn over the 1 1/2 inch part, mallet down and solder. If too rusty for that, turn the old and new up 1 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches respectively, and double seam.

Repairing Wringers

File shaft bright and rough; warm it; also warm the roll, and when warm enough plug up one end and fill with rubber cement. Next apply cement to the shaft with a brush, empty the roll and adjust it to the shaft. The shaft being warm the cement will adhere to it; the roll being warm becomes soft and elastic.

Repairing Wringer Rolls

First file the shaft bright, apply a coat of varnish and let it harden, then apply another coat, and, while green, wind with jute twine. Apply two or three coats of thick rubber cement, fasten shaft upright in vise, warm roll to soften it, then give shaft a coat of thin cement, and swab out the roll with the same and slide quickly down to place, and let stand twenty-four hours before using. This will make a job that will stick.

Replacing Boiler Bottoms

When a boiler is to be "cut down," it must be evident that the first step is to remove the old bottom. The edge can be knocked back and the outer edge removed by cutting off the outer edge of the burr, so that by heating the remainder of the double-seam it can be taken off with a pair of pliers. After this a burr can be turned on the bottom again; of course, it cannot be double-seamed again, but must be slipped on.

Robierres' Metal

Robierres' metal is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

66 parts Copper, 34 parts Zinc.


Roseine is an alloy composed of 40 parts nickel, 10 parts silver, 30 parts aluminum, and 20 parts tin, for jewelers' work.

Rose's Metal

Rose's metal is composed of tin (1 part), lead (1 part), bismuth (2 parts).

Rosthorns' Sterro-Metal

Rosthorns' sterro-metal is a copper-zinc alloy composed of:

55 33-100 parts Copper, 41 8-10 parts Zinc, 4 67-100 parts Iron.

Roughening Sheet-Brass

To make sheet-brass rough so you can paint on same with oil paint, place it for twelve hours in a pickle consisting of 8 parts water, 1 part concentrated hydro-chlorate acid and 8 parts concentrated sulphuric acid. It is next to be rinsed off with water. If it is desired to hasten the moire-like appearance given by this process, a compound of hydro-chloric acid and potassium bicarbonate may be used and also a galvanic battery.

Rusted Screws - Loosening

To loosen rusted screws, apply heat at the head of the screw and take a small bar of iron, flat at the end. redden it in the fire and apply for two or three minutes to the head of the rusty screw. As soon as the screw is heated, this will make it as easy to take it out with a screwdriver as if it had only recently been inserted.