Anti-Friction Composition

An anti-friction composition, used with great success in Bavaria, instead of oil, tallow, etc., is thus made: 10 1/2 parts of lard are melted with 2 parts of pulverized plumbago; the lard is melted, the plumbago mixed in slowly, stirred well, and the mixture applied cold.


The welding powder named antimonoid consists of 4 parts of iron turnings, 3 parts of borax, 2 parts of borate of iron, and 1 part of water.

Antimony Coloring On Brass

To give the color of antimony on brass, 1/2 an ounce of cream of tartar is to be dissolved in 1 pound of hot water, to which is added 2 ounces pulverized metallic antimony and 2 ounces hydro-chloric acid. This fluid is to be heated to the boiling point and the brass objects plunged therein. They then acquire a lustrous color of great beauty, the first tint to appear being a gold-yellow and the second color a copper-red, the third color appearing is a blue-violet and the fourth is a blue-green. These colors will not be affected by exposure to the atmosphere.

Argentic Oxide

Argentic oxide is precipitated as a black powder from a solution of nitrate of silver by ammonia.

Ashberry Metal

Ashberry metal is an alloy made of:

80 parts Tin,

14 parts Antimony.

2 parts Copper,

2 parts Nickel,

1 part Zinc,

1 part Aluminum.

It can also be made of:

79 parts Tin,

15 parts Antimony, 3 parts Copper, 2 parts Zinc, 1 part Nickel.


For a battery for plating small articles, take a cylindrical vessel and put it into another smaller vessel made of porous porcelain; fill the inner one with diluted sulphuric acid and the space between the two with sulphate of copper, if you desire to plate an article with copper; if not, a solution of salt of gold, silver, etc., according to what you wish it to be. Put a slip of zinc in the sulphuric acid and attach a copper wire to it and the other end to the article you wish to plate and immerse that in the first solution. If you want the metal to be very thick you must put a few solid crystals of the metal in the solution; where you do not want it to come in contact, you must touch it with a little grease.

Belgian Polishing Powder

Belgian polishing powder for polishing silver is made of 117 parts of elutriated pipe clay, 62 parts of white lead, 23 parts of white magnesia, 23 parts of jewelers' rouge and 250 parts of whiting.

Bell Metal

A good alloy for bell metal consists of 78 per cent. copper and 22 per cent. tin. A good bell metal has a peculiarly grayish white color that is to be readily distinguished from that of either ordinary bronze or statuary bronze. It is hard, sonorous and brittle and shows a fine grained fracture. If you cool it rapidly after it has been heated red, it becomes soft, but will recover its hardness if re-heated and cooled very slowly. The larger the proportion of copper in the alloy the deeper and graver the tone of the bell, while sharper tones are caused by the addition of zinc, iron or tin to the alloy.