Solder For Nickel

The following has proved a good formula for making solder for nickel: For fine or high-grade nickel,

3 parts yellow brass, 1 part coin silver. For low-grade nickel, 15 parts yellow brass, 5 parts coin silver,

4 parts zinc (pure or plate zinc). Melt the brass and copper with borax for a flux, and add the zinc in small pieces, stir with an iron rod, pour in a slab mold, and cool slowly, when it can be rolled thin for cutting.

Solder For Tin Pans

For tin pipes a solder is used consisting of 1 part of lead and 2 parts of tin, which has been used for a compound of sweet oil and resin as a flux.

Solder For Uniting Brass Tube Seams

A solder for uniting brass tube seams is composed of the following: Brass, 77.5 parts; zinc, 22.5. The brass is made as follows: Copper, 70 parts; tin, 30 parts.

Solder For Zinc Castings

A good solder for uniting zinc castings, according to Averman, is composed of 2 parts of tin and 1 of zinc. The surfaces to be united are freed from oxide preparatory to using the solder, by the application of either muriatic acid or chloride of zinc.

Solder - Gold

Gold solder is composed of: Gold, 12 parts; silver, 2 parts; copper, 4 parts.

Solder - Hard, For Copper, Brass And Iron

(1) Hard solder for copper, brass and iron, is composed of the following: Copper, 2 parts; zinc, 1 part.

(2) Good tough brass, 5 parts; zinc, 1 part.

(3) More fusible than 1 or 2: Copper, 1 part; zinc, 1 part.

(4) Good tough plate brass.

Solder - Hard, For Gold

Hard solder for gold is composed of the following: Gold (18 karats, or 750-1000), 18 parts; silver, 10 parts; pure copper, 10 parts.

Solder - Hard, For Iron

A hard solder for iron is composed of the following: Copper, 67 parts; zinc, 33 parts.

Solder - Hard, For Pure Copper Or Ordinary Brass

A hard solder for pure copper or ordinary brass is composed of the following: Copper, 3 parts; zinc, 1 part.

Solder - Hard, For Silver

A hard solder for silver is composed of the following: Silver, 6G parts; copper, 23 parts; zinc, 10 parts.

Solder - Hard, For Small And Thin Pieces

A hard solder for small and thin pieces is composed of the following: Copper, 86.5 parts; zinc, 4.5 parts.

Soldering Aluminum Bronze

For soldering aluminum bronze with common soft solder, first thoroughly clean the pieces of bronze from dirt and grease and then put them in a strong solution of sulplate of copper and a rod of soft iron touching the parts to be joined is to be put in the bath. Shortly a copper-like surface will appear on the metal. The pieces of aluminum bronze are then to be removed from the bath, rinsed, cleaned and the surfaces brightened. The surfaces can next be tinged by the use of a fluid made by the dissolution of zinc in hydro-chloric acid.

Hulot's Solder For Aluminum Bronze

Hulot's solder for aluminum bronze is made by compounding solder made of 50 per cent. tin with 12 1/2 per cent., 20 per cent. or 50 per cent. of zinc amalgam.

Soldering Aluminum With A Blow-Pipe

To solder aluminum with a blow-pipe, use a compound consisting of:

10 parts Copper, 20 parts Aluminum, 60 parts Tin, 10 parts Silver, 30 parts Zinc.

Soldering Aluminum With A Soldering-Iron

To solder aluminum with a soldering-iron use a flux consisting of:

97 parts Tin,

3 parts Bismuth, or 95 parts Tin,

5 parts Bismuth.

The flux to be employed can be either stearin, vaseline or paraffine. Care should be taken that the articles are thoroughly cleaned before they are soldered, and they should be heated just sufficiently to make the adherence of the solder certain.