In Miss Eleanor Rowe's notice last month of the work of Miss E. R. Plowden, as a wood-carver, she mentioned the design of a Celtic bracket which the latter had the honour of carrying, out from suggestions by H.R.H. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyle. Unfortunately, no photograph was procurable, as the bracket was already at Balmoral, in the possession of His Majesty the King, to whom it was presented. Miss Plowden, however, has been so kind as to make us'a drawing of it from the wax model sketch, which we,reproduce on the opposite page. The bracket is about one foot in height. It was carved in pine by Mr. Herbert Grimwood, of the School of Art Wood-carving.

The kind of wood to use for pyrogravure depends upon the size and character of the decoration. For the frieze of a room or a large panel to go over a chimney-piece, soft wood would be best, for it allows of bold treatment of lines. But if you were intending to ornament a jewel-box, hard wood would be best, because it lends itself to delicate work.

A Celtic Bracket At Balmoral Castle

A Celtic Bracket At Balmoral Castle Designed By H.R.H. Princess Louise Duchess Of Argyle

Pencil Drawing Made From The Wax Model Sketch By Editha R. Plowden

The Actual Height Of The Bracket Is About One Foot