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S. F. B., J. W. P., B. S., " New Reader," " Art Worker " (Bristol).

Misuse of Terms.

S. P. says: "I was much interested in your reply to 'Two Puzzled Students' elucidating the difference in meaning between the terms 'tone' and 'values.' I wish you could teach our women folks - God bless 'em! - to distinguish between 'tone' and 'shade.' You must have noticed, of course, that they always speak of a shade of colour when they mean its 'tone.' - Yes, it is a common mistake, and there seems to be hardly less confusion in the use of the terms shades and shadows, and this is by no means confined to the ladies. Of course, shades and shadows are entirely different in fact A shade may be said to be part of an object, and a shadow is an addition to it. Shade may be said to exist naturally, but a shadow must always be due to some object.

Suggestion for l. M. M.,

Suggestion for l. M. M., who asks for "a design for a dwarf book-case to fit an angle space between two doors," according to an accompanying floor-plan.

Our Church Embroidery Designs Competitions. K. M. D. and M. D. Y. - The "set of hangings" intended consists of Altar Frontal, Pulpit Hanging, and Litany-desk.

Instruction in Enamelling on Metals.

A. E. - (1) Certainty, jewellery enamelling is "an art that may be agreeably practised in the home "and" at a modest initial outlay." You cannot have seen the earlier issues of this magazine; otherwise you would have found answers to all your questions in Mr. Alexander Fisher's series of practical articles on "The Processes of Enamelling on Metal," and in the more recent "Demonstration in Enamelling," by Mr. Albert Bonner (see our January and February issues). (2) Mr. Bonner gives lessons in the art. For particulars you might write to him or call on him. His address is 18, Holland-street, West Kensington.