Ax exhibition of students' work followed the close of the Christmas term of this interesting school, the success of which, under the guidance of Mr. A J Newton, may be considered one of the triumphs of the technical education programme of the London County Council. We hope, later, to give detailed consideration to the scope and method of instruction. For the present we need only say that in both respects the school is well up to date, and that the art worker who has decided to adopt any branch of mechanical photography as a business may enrol himself with the certainty that he can learn all that is necessary for his success from the practical point of view. The exhibition included examples of the progressive stages of the "three-colour" and other photo-processes for illustration, and there were some capital specimens of lithography, in which the school also excels.

The Society of Craft Workers is starting an organisation on rather original lines. Its aim is to assist the many clever craftsmen and women who have little opportunity of bringing their work before the public. In return for a very moderate subscription the Society's exhibition room (in Regent-street) is put at the disposal of each member in turn for a limited period. Members also have the use of a class room for giving lessons to their pupils, and there will be a permanent display of members' work on the walls. Once or twice a vear it is proposed to hold general exhibitions of the work of the members. Any further information can be had by writing to the Secretary, at 200, Regent-street, W.

In the notice of the Leeds Arts and Crafts Exhibition, in our December issue, we regret to say that we ascribed wrongly the credit for the beautifully - carved dyptich illustrated on page 32, which should have been given to Mr. Arthur W. Simpson, of Kendal.