The distribution of prizes to the students of the Royal Academy Schools on " Silver Night " was made the occasion of an interesting address, by the President, to those who had taken part in the competitions. He considered the attempts, on the whole, good, because none of the prizes had been withheld on any subject. The drawing from life, however, did not seem to him to be up to the standard of past years. This he regretted, because a knowledge of the drawing of the figure was the foundation of art. Without a tolerable mastery of drawing the student would find his weakness when he came to paint from life. Nevertheless, Sir Edward Poynter concluded by congratulating the school which was able to produce such good work in the competition tor painting the figure from life.

It is interesting to note that in the prize competitions on this occasion the men and women students of painting and sculpture met on equal terms for the first time, and their work was shown together. Women are under no such restrictions as they formerly were in regard to drawing and painting from the nude, and it was expected - rather unreasonably, we think - that, in consequence, a considerable share of the honours in those sections of the competition would fall to them. They, however, took none of the prizes for painting from the nude, but Miss Catherine Ouless won the third prize (10) for drawing from the life. From the following full list of the awards it will be seen that, on the whole, the women students made a creditable showing: -

Design for the Decoration of a Portion of a Public Building: - Prize, 40, George Howard Short.

Landscape Painting: - Creswick Prize, 30, Alice P. Wal-ford.

Design in Monochrome for a Figure Picture: - Armitage Prizes, 1st, 30, and Bronze Medal, William Ewart Gladstone

Solomon; Armitage Prizes, 2nd, 10, Edith Margaret Leeson.

Cartoon of a Draped Figure: - Silver Medal and Prize, 25, Lilian Price-Edwards.

Painting of a Figure from the Life: - Silver Medal, 1st Prize, William Ewart Gladstone Solomon; Silver Medal, 2nd Prize, John H. Wybrants.

Painting of a Head from the Life: - Silver Medal, 1st Prize, F. Dallas Barnes; Silver Medal, 2nd Prize, Marjory Violet Watherston.

Perspective Drawing in Outline (open to Painters and Sculptors only): - Silver Medal, Mary Isabel Dovaston.

Set of Six Drawings of a Figure from the Life: - 1st Prize, .20, and Silver Medal, Ernest Stafford Carlos; 2nd Prize, 15, Francis E. F. Crisp; 3rd Prize, 10, Catherine Ouless.

Model Of A Design

1st Prize, 30, Leonard S. Merrifield; 2nd Prize, 10, Lindor Thomas Sands.

Model of a Bust from the Life: - Silver Medal, 1st Prize, Marian Alice Dihdin; Silver Medal, 2nd Prize, Helen Eraser Rock.

Model of a Design containing Figure and Ornament: - Silver Medal, George Alexander.

Set of Four Models of .a Figure from the Life: 1st Prize, 20 and Silver Medal, Frederick B. Hitch; 2nd Prize, 15, Leonard Jennings.

Design in Architecture: Travelling Studentship, 60, Leslie Wilkinson

Set of Architectural Drawings: Silver Medal, 1st Prize, John Swarbrick; Silver Medal, 2nd Prize, William Harvey.

Set of Architectural Design-,: Prize, 25, Percy Ion Elton.

Perspective Drawing in Outline (open to Architects only): Silver Medal, Leslie Wilkinson.

Set of Drawings of an Architectural Design: 1st Prize, 15. B. C. E. Bayley; 2nd Prize, 10, Leslie Wilkinson.

Architectural Design with Coloured Decorations: Silver Medal, William Harvey.

The Landseer Scholarships (40 a year each), tenable for two years, awarded: in Painting to Ernest Townsend and Eva Emmeline Louisa Marsh, in Sculpture to Leonard Jennings. Landseer Scholarships(40 .a year each), tenable for one year, awarded: in Painting to Charles Gordon Hay-ward and Hugh St. Pierre Bunburv. in Sculpture to Ferdinand Victor Blundstone and Leonard Stanford Merrifield.