(See Supplement B.) The Floral Design, No. 83, suitable for the centre of a tray or panel, is very suitable for a beginner in marquetry. It should be made from two pieces of veneer - black walnut and sycamore. Paste the wood together with a piece of cartridge paper between, and, as in fretwork, cut through quite squarely. When all the cuts have been made, paste on a board, split the paper joint, and allow the black pieces to fall in their place. This method of work will give two panels, one dark border with light inset, and the other as in the drawing. The veneer will require very careful gluing, and should be dried between hot boards to prevent one part drying before another. Use a toothing plane, and plenty of glasspaperto clean up when thoroughly dry.

For Wood Carving, Design No. 83, will be very suitable and simple. It may be used for a panel; or, if enlarged by means of a pantograph, it could be utilised for a small stool or table top. A parting tool, or V tool, should be taken round the lines, and the waste cut out to a depth of about 1-16th in. or so, and then stamped level. Stamped backgrounds are not usually to be recommended, but in this case it is necessary to treat the ground with a carver's punch. The pattern being left quite plain and square; this design is very easy, and could be satisfactorily made by a novice.

For Leather Work

A variety of uses could be made of this simple design. The tooling should be firmly done, and the ground closely punched to raise the design sufficiently. If a higher relief is desired, the pattern should be incised or cut to about 1-32nd in., and the ground then punched down. A rich effect could be easily obtained by tooling the pattern and laying it with gold leaf.

A Lock Plate

This is suitable for a door or a large chest. The work should be done in the same way as a panel, the opening for the key being sawn out afterwards.

Matchbox Cover

The metal should be cut out large enough to take the whole of the pattern, and the tracing or chasing must be carefully done. A little form should be given to the clouds. When cutting out, great care should be taken to keep to the lines and finish up squarely. Afterwards, bend to the lines and run some solder up each joint.