The South Kensington Sketching Club

At the

Royal College of Art in November the vacation work of the students, in competition for the many prizes offered by the Professors and friends, made an interesting display. It was not surprising to find that in modelling the exhibits were the most distinguished, and those relating to applied design among the least satisfactory. " Mother and Babe " with the "Guardian Angel," with huge wings, for a background, was the favourite embodiment of the idea of "Sleep," but there were beautiful variations of the theme. The awards were:

Section A (Present Students). Club Prizes. - Landscapein Oil: Ist, Mr. Grant Murray; 2nd, Mr.Wooller; Hon.Men.,Mr, G, Baker, Mr. Pope. Set of Sketches in Colours (Duke of Devonshire's Special Prize): Mr. Woolway. Club Prize: 1 st, Mr, A. R. Smith; Hon. Men., Mr. Pettinger, Mr. Grant Murray; 2nd, Mr. McKinder; 3rd,Miss Dunkley; Hon. Men,Mi. Kidd, Mr Morley, Miss Browning, Miss Jameson. Set of Sketches in Black and White: 1st, Mr. Osborne; Hon. Men., Miss Faraday, Miss Ashworth, Miss Browning. Interior in Colour: 1st,.Miss Brennand;Hon. Men., Miss Simons, Mr. G. Maker, Mr. A. R. Smith. Modelling in Relief: Ist, Miss Windley; Hon. Men., Mr. T. Smith. Measured Drawings: Ist, Mr. Denham.

Section C (Past Students). Club Prizes. - Figure Subject: "Lite in the Fields," 1st, Mr. Scott; Hon. Men., Mr. Lintott. Landscape in Oil: Ist, Mr. Scott; Hon. Men., Mr. Hodgson Lobley. Set of Sketches in Colour: 1st, Mr. C. Alban Wallis.

Special. Prizes. - Set of Sketches in Colour (Duke of Devonshire's). See above. A Portrait (Marquis of Londonderry's): Ist, Miss Mackenzie; Hon. Men , Mr, Sparkes; Miss Jameson

3 3s. - " Design founded on some form or scheme of colour in nature, and adapted to some decorative purpose; for in-stance, woven or printed textiles, embroidery, wall-paper, colour print, or painted decoration." (Walter Crane, R.W.S ) -1st, Mr. Wooller; Hon. Men. Mr. Brown.

1. "Design for a pendant electrolier of six lights. Drawing to be quarter real dimensions, with sketches of parts full size." (T. G. Jackson, R.A.) -1 st, Mr. Hobbis.

2 2s. -"Sketch for book illustration in black and white, either figure or landscape," (Gilbert R. Redgrave, Esq.) - 1 st, Mr. Spare; Hon. Men., Mr. Kruger.

3.3s., 2.2s. - "Panel for a library overmantel. Size, 8ft. long by 6 ft. high; to be executed in colour, any medium; half full size. Subject,'Literature.'" (The Principal and Prof, Moira.) - ist, Mr. Budd; 2nd, Mr. Crane.

2.2s . 1.1s. - "Pen and ink sketch of an architectural subject." (Prof. Beresford Pite, F.R.I.B.A., and C. de Gruchy, Esq.) 1 st, Mr. Osborne; 2nd, Mr. Reed; Hon. Men., Mr. Smart, Miss Jacobs.

2.2s. - " Piece of workmanship (designed and wrought by the same student) in one of the artistic crafts." (Prof. Lethaby.)

Bracketed 1st. Mr. Livens, Mr. Mitchell.

2 2S., 1.1s. - " Modelling for the Gilbert." Subject, "Sleep" (Prof. E. Lanteri and B. Clemens, Esq.) - 1 st, Miss Baker; 2nd, Mr. V. Hill; Hon. Men., Miss Billing.

1 is. - "Any effect of nature." (G. Morton, Esq.) - 1 st, Mr. Grant Murray; Hon. Men., Miss Jameson, Mr. Kay, Mr F. M. Jones.

2 2s. - " Set of studies of figures in action." (G. Hay-Wood, Esq.) - 1st, Miss Jameson; Hon. Men., Mr. Morrow, Mr. Morley.

2 2S. - "Modelled design for a casket, to be executed in silver. Size about 10 in. long by 5 in. wide. For presentation to a poet." (J. A. Grant, Esq.) - 1st, Mr. Goulden; Hon. Men., Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Boyes.

2 2s. - "Sketch of 'British Labourer.'" (E. Constable Alston, Esq.) - 1st, Miss Jameson; Hon. Men., Mr. Budd, Mr. Rigby.

1 is. - "Set of studies of some artistic craft." (G. C. Bunny, Esq.) - 1st, Mr. Hobbis; Hon. Men., Mr. Morley.

1 is. - "Handbag embroidered or woven, designed and worked by the same student." (Mrs. Christie ) - No award.

2 2s. - " Decorative or imaginative landscape studied from nature." (Christopher W. Whall, Esq.). - 1st, Mr. Kruger; Hon. Men., Mr. F. M. Jones, Mr. Watts. Mr. Smart, Mr. Crane.

1 is. - "Set of studies of figures engaged in agricultural or industrial pursuits." (T. Armstrong, Esq., C.B.) - 1st, Mr. Morley.

2 2s. - " Modelling in round or relief; any subject may be chosen." (A. Drury, Esq., A.R.A.) - 1st. Miss Baker; Hon. Men , Mr. Parr.

1 Is. - " Study of architecture in combination with landscape." (C. D. Fitzroy, Esq., H.M.I.) - 1st, Mr. Woolway.

The Gilbert-Garret Competition

The results of) the Gilbert-Garret Competition for Sketching Clubs, for 1904, were exhibited at the Royal College of Art in November. The competition was founded thirty-four years ago at St. Martin's School of Art, when Mr. John Parker was headmaster, and is named after its first president, the late Sir John Gilbert. The following clubs competed: The Birkheck, Calderon Animal School, Camden, City and Guilds, Clapton, Gilbert-Garret, Grosvenor, Hackney, Heatherley, Hornsey, Jopling, Lambeth, Polytechnic, Royal Academy Students, Slade School, St. John's Wood, South Kensington, Toynbee Hall, Westminster, and Wimbledon Art College. The subjects selected were for painting or drawing: "Life in the Fields" (Figure); "Sunshine and Shadow" (Landscape); ".AEsop's Fables" (Animals); for Design, "A Procession"; for Sculpture, "Sleep." Members of competing clubs were invited to send in designs (in black and white, and not to exceed 18 by 24 in.) for an Award of Honour Certificate - the selected design, signed by the judges, to be given to the club to which the award would fall. The prizes were awarded by Mr. J. Seymour Lucas, R.A. who, in the course of his interesting and instructive remarks to the students, told them that his painting, "Drake Playing Bowls at Plymouth when the Armada was in Sight," was first conceived and executed at a Gilbert-Garret competition. Mr. E. Cooke, the honorary secretary of the club, in introducing him, spoke of the relative claims of Truth and Beauty as a factor in a picture, with the conclusion that no picture was complete which was wanting in either.

The awards were made as follows: - Figure subject, " Life in the Fields," first prize, Miss Lilian Pocock (Polytechnic); second prize, Mr. Blacklock (South Kensington); third prize-divided between Mr. E. Blampied (Lambeth) and Mr. John Dunning (Gilbert-Garret); landscape subject, " Sunshine and Shadow," first prize, Mrs. Norman (Grosvenor); second prize. Mr. C. Alban Wallis (South Kensington); third prize divided between Miss Lucy Millett (Lambeth), Miss J. Watkin (Grosvenor), and Mrs. Carpmcl (Westminster); design subject. "A Procession," first prize, Mr. Eric Bradbury (Lambeth); second prize, Mr. Lintott (South Kensington); third prize, Mr. Peddar (Westminster); animal subject, "AEsop's Fables," first prize, Miss Kate Beard (Lambeth); second prize, Miss G. Brodie (Westminster); and sculpture subject, " Sleep," first prize, Miss Watkin (Polytechnic); second prize, Mr. L. Merri-field (City Guilds); third prize, Miss Dorothy Rope (South Kensington). The special prize for a design for the award of merit was given to Mr. S. Horonzick (Limners).

Honourable mentions were as follows: - Lambeth Sketch Club - Mrs. White, the Misses Lucy Renouf, Lucy Millett, Ethel Hargrove, Marion Dawson, Dora Whittingham. Grosvenor Sketching Club - The Misses C. E. Godwin, Rankin, Ashby, Esplin, Nayor, Wrightson. (This club consists wholly of women.) Birkheck Sketch Club - Hanslip Fletcher, J. Etherington Bartholomew. City and Guilds Club - Michael' J. Morahan, A. R. Taylor, R. H. Smith (2). The Polytechnic Sketching Club received six honourable mentions in addition to the first prize in Sculpture and the first for Figure Painting, as stated above, but the names have not been sent us.

Japanese School Children's Work, comprising flower, fruit, and nature studies in colour, and books of object drawing with the brush, forming part of the interesting collection of Graham Wallas, Esq., L.C.C., was shown on October 28 at the L.C.C. Central School of Arts and Crafts, Regent Street. The average age appeared to be from about 10 to 12, and for such young children the work was very remarkable, showing rare power of observation and great technical skill. Some of the renderings of radishes and of butterflies were especially charming. In all of the work shown one could but admire the accurate drawing and skilful management of colour. It would be difficult to find the equal of such nature studies in our own schools.

A. C. H.