If the work by Frau Robert Hosel, lately exhibited by the "Society of Artists" in Bond-street, represents the present condition of art needlework in the Fatherland, we may congratulate ourselves in this country that our embroidery, at least, is not "made in Germany." Or rather, let us say, not designed "in Germany"; for, as regards mere execution, we may say at once that it is very good. More beautiful stitchery, indeed, it would he difficult to find. The designs, ton, are inoffensive so long as the lady confines herself to old-fashioned conventional ornament, and occasionally some, due to Japanese influence, are quite charming. What a pity, then, that we should be asked to accept as "pictures" such suggestions of mental aberration as form the staple of the exhibition, and are quite seriously described in the catalogue as works of art. "Colour Dreams in Embroidery" Frau Hosel calls them, but such dreams can proceed only from a disordered digestion. "The artist," we are told, "works without designs, embroidering her pictures on the material direct." We can well believe it; but while the explanation goes far to account for them, it cannot excuse them.