Sermon Cask or Corporal Cask Decoration (Page 45). The design for a sermon case is suitable for festivals. It may be adapted for a corporal case by making all the arms of the cross of equal length. It is to be executed in coloured silks, outlined with gold, upon plain or brocaded silk of any of the canonical colours, but preferably on cream white. The monograms and the Alpha and Omega should be entirely of gold. Velvet may be used instead of the plain or brocaded silk, and it is occasionally preferred for sermon cases. During the Middle Ages corporal cases were made of silk, velvet, and cloth of gold, richly embroidered. The leaf-like members of the cross should be carefully shaded, at least three shades of each colour being used. The stems of these members should be, like all the outlines of the design, as indicated by double-lines, of bright gold. Any harmonious arrangement of colours may be adopted.