Stationery Box (see Supplement).

The brass for this should be in one piece and of 7 metal or 25 standard wire gauge. After the metal has been properly prepared, the design should be accurately transferred upon it. Fasten down the sheet of brass to the cement block and begin the outlining with a tracer similar to No. 16, but a few sizes smaller. The curves should be done with freedom, and all corners should be rounded off. Throughout this

Reduction of a Design for an Embroidered Sofa Cushion orpScreen Panel.

Reduction of a Design for an Embroidered Sofa Cushion orpScreen Panel.

For treatment, see page 44. [See the preceding page for full-sized detail, which has only to be repeated four times to give the entire working design.] design angularity and stiffness must be avoided, for roundness is the chief characteristic of the style. When the outlining is done, remove the metal from the block, clean and reverse it. Start the raising with as large tools as possible, keeping them somewhat away from the edges, the intention being to imitate old German work with its rounded simplicity of form rather than the French or Italian styles,in each of which the characteristic is sharpness of definition. Where the edges of leaves require a certain amount of clearness, trace a line with a blunt tracer just inside that of the outline, using the same freedom as in the first outlining. The depth, however, should he varied in order to obtain the proper effects. Having gone over all the raising, detach the metal from the cement, clean it, till up the back with cement, and replace it on the block, with the face, of course, uppermost. Take down those portions of the background which have come up accidentally during the process of raising. Use coarse mats both for the background and tooling over the leaves, such as 50 or 41, and 70 or 71 respectively. These will preserve the character of the style better than smooth or fine mats.8 The edges oi the leaves and other edges should not be sharpened up when the tooling is done, nor the outline obliterated, as is usual when working in other styles. The manner of making up will be-clearly seen by the drawing itself. Note that the dotted lines mark the points at which the strip should be bent. The partitions for separating the paper from the envelopes, etc, may be of thin wood, which the amateur will find more easy to manage than metal. - Gawthorp.

Repousse Brass Work 71Diaper Designs, suitable for Embroidered Book Covers.

Diaper Designs, suitable for Embroidered Book Covers.

(For treatment, see page 44.)