The Arms represented are those of: (1) Denmark, (2) Schleswig, (3) Sweden, (4) Iceland, (5) Faroe Islands, (6) Greenland, (7) Jutland, (8) Van-dalia. In the centre shield: (9) Holstein, (10) Stormark, (11) Ditzmers, (12) Lauen-burg. In the innermost shield: (13) Oldenburg, (14) Dalmen-hurst.

Made By The Working Ladies' Guild.

The Banner Borne Before Her Majesty Queen Alexandr 408

Last of all, the rays issuing from the cross must be worked. These, it will be seen, are very important, and must be made much more striking than those from the crown and clove. They should be very neatly worked with stem-stitch in dead gold silk, making the stitch a good deal thicker at the base, and becoming finer as the ray lengthens. Either one row of gold Japanese thread or two very fine threads stitched on each side of the silk must now be added and carried beyond the silk to the extremity of the ray and finished by being carried through the material and fastened down at the back. These ends will need pasting to prevent the gold thread slipping or working loose.

L. H.