TO this query we reply that, contrary to the general belief, most mineral colours may be mixed as freely to produce desired effects as as if they were oil colours or water colours.

Yellows mix with all the colours excepting the purple and violet-of-iron. They are seldom used with blues.

Greens are all rather crude, and need to be modified. For that purpose browns, yellows, carmines, greys, or black may be used.

Reds and carnations mix freely with all the yellows, excepting mixing-yellow, with the browns, Macks, and purples.

Blues combine with the carmines and purples to produce every shade of lilac and violet. A little black is sometimes added for very deep tones.

Browns are very useful. When used on yellow, a little purple should be mixed with them.

The carmines will mix with any colour except mixing-yellow.

Yellow, carmine, and green produce various greys.

Conventionalised Rose Border. By MlSs Jean W. lNglis.

Conventionalised Rose Border. By MlSs Jean W. lNglis.