The name follow die is given that form of die where the pieces are blanked and bent at one operation. In Fig. 365 is shown a punch and die used in producing the piece shown at the left. The two holes in one end and the opening at the opposite end are punched, and the piece bent to shape, at one passage through the press. The bending, piercing, and cutting-off punches are all attached to the same holder as shown in the upper part of the cut.

Follow Die and Piece Produced.

Fig. 365. Follow Die and Piece Produced.

If the stock to be punched is soft, the bending portion of the punch and die may be made nearly the shape of the desired piece; if, on the contrary, the stock is stiff, they must be made of greater angle to allow the piece to spring back after punching. The amount to be allowed cannot be stated, but must be determined by experiment. This test may be made while the die is soft, at which time the piercing or cutting-off portions must not be used. Dies of the type under consideration give best results if hardened by pack hardening.