In part I is illustrated a definite and systematic method of attacking the design of a machine as a whole. In Port II the same plan is followed with regard to the detail of its component part, the machine elements which are chosen an illustrations of the method, being the simplest and most familiar forma in common use.

As before, the student must strive to grasp and absorb the method of design rather than any specific and established form of a machine part. Part II is not a compendium of design, does not attempt to be complete or exhaustive in any of its chapters, but is condensed and simplified in order to lead the student into systematic mechanical thinking and logical and defnita action. Each chapter is intended to stimulate to further and more exhaus ive study along lines broader than, and under conditions different from those that can be specitied in a general discussion. But no matter how deeply inve-tigation may be carried, or how specialized the study may become, t e student must realize that his path of action in any case whatsoever must lie along the lines of Analysis, Theory, and Practical Modification systematically applied.