Miller's combination, Fig. 372, embraces the common carpenters' plough, an adjustable filletster, and a perfect matching-plane. The entire assortment can be kept in smaller space, or made more portable, than an ordinary carpenters' plough. With each plough, 8 bits (1/8,3/16,1/4,5/16,3/8,7/16,1/2, and 5/8 in.) are furnished; also a tonguing tool (1/4-in.), and by the use of the latter, together with a 1/4-in. plough bit for grooving, a perfect matching-plane is made. A metallic bed-piece, with l 1/2-in. cutter in it, can be attached to the stock of the tool by means of 2 screws passing through the slots in the base-piece of the stock. Over this bed-piece the gauge, or fence, will move backward or forward, and when secured to the bars by the thumbscrew, will constitute an adjustable filletster of any width required. The upright gauge on the back of the stock is adjusted by a thumbscrew likewise, and regulates the depth for the use of the filletster, as for all the other tools embraced in the combination.

Churchills sell it at 36s.

Trant's adjustable dado, etc, sold by the same firm at 32s., is shown in Fig. 373.

Trant's adjustable dado, etc, sold by the same firm at 32s., is shown in Fig. 373.

Combination Filisters 375Combination Filisters 376

It consists of 2 sections - a main stock with 2 bars or arms; and a sliding section, having its bottom, or face, level with that of the main stock. It can be used as a dado of any required width, by inserting the bit into the main stock, and bringing the sliding section up to the edge of the bit. The 2 spurs, one on each section of the plane, will thus be brought exactly in front of the edges of the bit. The gauge on the sliding section will regulate the depth to which the tool will cut. By attaching the guard-plate to the sliding section, the tool may be readily converted into a plough, a filletster, or a matching-plane - as explained in the printed instructions which go in every box.

The tool is accompanied by 8 plough bits (3/16,1/4,5/16,3/8,1/2,5/8,7/8 and 1 1/4 in.), a filletster cutter, and a tonguing tool. All these bits are secured in the main stock on a skew.

Lunt, Hackney Road, sells a circular rabbeting and filister router for 3s. 6d.; it cuts any rebate up to 7/8 in. wide, but the filister is not adjustable.