Plates and structural shapes of mild steel used in ship building are cut and bent to shape in this shop, the principal equipment of which consists of.:

(1) Power punches, used principally for punching rivet holes in ships' plates and frames.

(2) Power shears for trimming edges of plates, and for cutting lengths of angles, beams and other structural shapes.

(3) Plate-edge planer.

(4) Bending rolls.

(5) Garboard bending press (hydraulic) for bending plates cold to other than cylindrical form.

(6) Beam and angle bending or straightening machine.

(7) Bending slab and heating furnace.

Machines mentioned in items 1 to 4 inclusive are very similar to those for the same uses in the boiler shop. Particular shaped blades are used on shears for shearing structural shapes.

Much of the work of shaping ship material is done cold, except that of bending angles and other structural shapes on the bending slab.

Closely associated with the equipment of this shop are such tools as the portable hydraulic riveter, pneumatic riveters, chippers, drills and countersinks, used in the work of riveting together the frames and plates of the ship's hull.