The majority of amateur photographers are not aware of the entertaining and amusing results that may be obtained apart from the ordinary routine.

One very striking picture that may be made is a man seated at a table writing, and his own ghost - through which the objects of the room may be faintly seen - standing behind his chair. Or a man starting back in terror from his own ghost, or even a pair of them.

Another very amusing picture is two or three perfect busts or figures side by side, but both or all three the same person. It would take too much space to give a thorough description of this style of photography; but from directions for making the above-mentioned pictures the operator can obtain any variety he chooses by following the principles.

Make a background the required size by stretching out some black material. Place your subject - draped in white or light-coloured clothing - in position to the right or left of the centre of the background. Focus and expose for half a second, and the impression on the plate will be a shadowy, ghost-like figure. Next take a chair and a table, and place the chair in the centre of the background and the table on the opposite side of the ghost. Seat the same subject in the chair at the table, focus again, and give full exposure, which, if the light is good, should be about 2 seconds. Develop and print in the usual way.

Any object that you wish to be seen through the shadowy figure must be subjected to 1/4 minute's exposure before the figure is placed in position.

To make a twin picture, place the subject in position on the right of the centre of the black background, focus, and expose for two seconds in good light. Now place the subject on the left of the centre of background and focus again, giving the same exposure. If you have left room enough between the two figures, you may now take a chair and place it in centre of background and seat the subject in it, focus, and give again the same exposure. Develop plate, and you will have the two, or three, twin . brothers. This line of photography offers a great scope for originality and skill. - (A. S. Green.)