An air-tight kiln is required, which must be lime-washed every time it is used. On a small scale a retort would do well, made of Stourbridge clay, and fixed in brickwork, with access for drawing trials, bits of pitcher with a little gold on, drawn with tongs. Take 1/4 oz. brown gold, 1/4 oz. quicksilver, 10 gr. tin, 10 gr. white-lead, well pound together in Wedgwood mortar and pestle. Then grind oh glass slab and muller, with a few drops of water, for several hours; add a drop of water as it dries, then repeat in turpentine, leaving it about the consistency of cream. It is then ready for use, or if kept for a day or two it will work better; it is laid on with a camel-hair pencil. Thin it with turpentine, as it soon dries, and should be kept covered when not in use. A little, fat oil is added to make it work better. To make fat oil, evaporate turpentine to the consistency of treacle.