(a) Dissolve verdigris in vinegar, and brush over with the hot solution till it becomes a perfect green, then well brush over with a solution of pearlash, 2 oz. to the pint, until it becomes a good blue.

(b) Use the blue stain for wood, viz. copper filings dissolved in aquafortis; the material must be well brushed over with it, and then brushed over with a hot solution of pearlash, same strength as in (a), until it assumes a perfectly blue colour.

(c) Boil 1 lb. indigo, 2 lb. logwood, and 3 oz. of alum in a gallon of water; brush well over until thoroughly stained.


(a) Boil 1 lb. of Brazil wood and 1 oz. of pearlash in a gallon of water, and while hot brush over the work until of a proper colour. Dissolve 2 oz. of alum in a quart of water, and brush this solution over the above before it dries.

(6) Use a cold infusion of archil, and brush well over with a pearlash solution, 2 drams to the quart. (See also ii. 251.)