(1) Black

In order to obtain a level colour, a solution of gluten is added to a lye of soda, which is allowed to stand for 24 hours, and filtered. The hats are then steeped for 12 hours in the clear liquid. The straw is thus freed from grease, and the mordants of nitrate, sulphate, or acetate of iron, as well as the decoction of logwood mixed with sumach or galls, is very evenly taken up by the fibre. A slight addition of bichromate of potash improves the tone of the dye, and the J goods are finished with gum or gelatine. (Baden Gewcrbezeitun.)

(2) Aniline Green

Straw is placed in boiling water, then well washed with cold water and bleached in a bath containing 20 gr. bleaching powder to 7 or 9. gr. sulphuric acid. It is then thoroughly washed and mordanted with sumach, alum, and tartaric acid (not too dilute a liquor). Finally, it is dyed with aniline green and picric acid until the required shade is obtained, after digesting for some time. (Musterzeitung).