(1) 5 oz. bruised unbleached Jamaica ginger, 1 pint rectified spirit; digest a fortnight, press, filter.

(2) As (1) with addition of very little essence of cayenne.

(3) 3 oz. grated ginger, 2 oz. fresh lemon-peel, digested in 1 1/2 pint brandy for 10 days.

(4) Equal parts best unbleached Jamaica ginger in coarse powder, and silicious sand, sprinkled with enough rectified spirit of wine to perfectly moisten; after 24 hours, the mass is placed in a percolator, and after returning the first runnings 2 or 3 times, the receiver is changed, and more rectified spirit is poured on gradually and at intervals as required, until as much essence is obtained as there has been ginger employed.

(5) 12 lb. best unbleached Jamaica ginger in coarse powder digested in 2 1/2 gal. rectified spirit for 14 days; the expressed and strained tincture is reduced by distillation in a steam or water bath to I gal., cooled, transferred rapidly to stoppered bottles, and filtered.

(6) 24 lb. ginger as in (5), 6 gal. rectified spirit; make a tincture as before, and distil down to 1 gal.; cool as quickly as possible out of contact with the air, and add 1 gal. strongest rectified spirit of wine; filter if necessary.

(7) Causes no turbidity with water or syrup. 1 lb. finest Jamaica ginger in powder, macerated in 8 oz. rectified spirit for several hours; add more spirit, and percolate to 16 oz.; add 2 oz. heavy carbonate of magnesia, agitate, and add 24 oz. water; shake well, and filter. If the filtrate is turbid, shake up with more magnesia, and filter again. It becomes turbid again after a few days' rest, but on filtering continues clear. (Thresh.)

(8) As (7) entails a loss of active principle in the magnesia precipitate. Thresh gives the following modification: take 1 pint strong tincture (1 to 1) finest Jamaica ginger; add in small portions at a time finely-powdered slaked lime, shaking vigorously af.er each addition until nothing further is precipitated; throw the whole on a filter, and pass proof spirit through the residue until the product measures 2 pints. Add dilute sulphuric acid drop by drop until the rich yellow colour of the tincture suddenly disappears; let stand 24 hours, filter, dilute with water to 4 pints, shake with a little powdered pumice or silica, and filter at 32° F. (0° C.) if possible.