(1) Well mix together a spoonful of table salt, 2 of soft-soap, 2 of powdered starch, and the juice of a lemon. Lay this mixture on both sides of the stain with a painter's brush, and then lay the article on the grass, day and night, until the stain disappears. (2) Get a piece of flannel, dip it into whisky, and well rub the place marked; then iron on the wrong side, taking care to put a piece of damp cotton cloth between the iron and silk, and iron on the cotton cloth, which will prevent the silk assuming a shiny, glazed appearance. (3) Wash clean and take every particle of soap off, then put the linen into a galvanized bath or tub full of clean cold water, procure a little chloride of lime, and tie it up in a muslin bag or piece of muslin, dissolve the lime in lukewarm water by squeezing the bag, then pour the water among the clothes. Stir and leave them for 24 hours, but do not put too much lime, or you will rot the clothes; then well rinse in clean cold water.