(1) 1 lb. opium in thin slices, 6 pints distilled water; macerate the opium in 2 pints of the water for 24 hours; express the liquor. Reduce the residual opium to a uniform pulp, macerate again in 2 pints of the water for 24 hours; express; repeat the operation a third time; mix the liquors, strain through flannel, and evaporate by a water bath to pilular consistence.

(2) 1 1/2 lb. powdered opium, 2 1/2 pints cold distilled water; mix gradually; macerate for 24 hours, frequently stirring with a spatula; press, strain, and repeat the maceration for 24 hours with a fresh 2 1/2 pints water; evaporate the mixed strained liquors to a proper consistence.

(3) 16 oz. distilled water, 4 oz. rectified spirit; digest the extract of opium in the water for an hour, stirring frequently; filter; add the spirit.

(4) 1 oz. opium, 1 qt. distilled vinegar; digest 2 days with heat; decant, filter, evaporate.

(5) 4 oz. aqueous extract, 1 oz. resin; beat well together; add 16 oz. boiling water; boil to 1./2; add 8 oz. cold water, filter, evaporate.

(6) 4 oz. opium, 4 oz. sugar, 1 qt. water; rub together, and keep the mixture loosely covered in a warm situation, about 70° F. (21° C), for 10 days or more; add 1 qt. cold water; next day filter, and evaporate.

(7) 1 oz. unstrained mixture of opium, 8 oz. water, and a little yeast; leave for a week at a temperature of 68° to 77° F. (20° to 25° C.); dilute, filter, and evaporate.