(l) Gentiana, 11 lb Boil 2 lb. 3 oz. sumach, or 6 1/6 oz. tannin, in water, and steep the yarns overnight in the clear solution. Wring up next morning, and dye in a beck at 165° F. (74° C), containing 9 oz. gum arabic, adding more or less of the dissolved colour, according to shade. Wring, and dry.

(2) Make up a beck at 122° F. (50° C.) with 80 gr. tannin for each 2 lb. 3 oz. cotton, and turn well for 4 to 5 hours. Wring, and enter into the colour beck at 110° F. (43° C), adding 775 gr. acetic acid for 11 lb. cotton. Wring, and dry.

(3) Medium, 100 Lb

Mordant yarns in stannate of soda at 8° Tw.; sour at 1 1/2° Tw. with dilute sulphuric acid; wash off with cold water, and dye with 1/4 lb. aniline violet according to shade. Heat up to about 160° F. (71° C).


(1) On 11 lb Dilute red liquor to 6 1/2° Tw., and steep the clear yarns overnight in the cold. Extract 4 lb. 6 oz. quercitron bark in boiling water, let cool down to 167° F. (75° C), and dye to shade. If a brighter shade is desired, add to the bark liquor 1 3/4 oz. tin crystals.

(2) Fast, On 60 Lb

Boil 6 lb. brown sugar of lead in 6 gal. water till dissolved; add it to sufficient cold water. Work the yarns 5 turns, and wring. Dissolve 2 lb. bichromate of potash, and add it to sufficient cold water. Work 5 turns, wash twice in cold water, and dry.