FOR USE IN Houses, Churches, Theatres, Halls, Schools, Stores, or any large building.

Also the care and selection of suitable Batteries, Wiring and Repairs By H. S. NORRIE.

{Author of Induction Coils and Coil Making,)

Contents of Chapters: x. Introduction. Means of producing Sparks, Induction. Induc-tion Coils. 2. Application of Induction Coils to Gas Lighting. Forms of burners used, pendant, rachet, stem, Welsbach, Automatic, Burners for Gasolene and Acetylene. 3. How to connect up apparatus. Wiring a house. Locating breaks or short circuits. Wiring in finished houses. General remarks. 4. Primary coils and safety devices. 5. How to wire and fit up different systems for lighting of large buildings. 6. The selection of suitable batteries for gas light-ing, repairs, maintenance, etc.

VIII + 100 pages, 57 illustrations and Diagrams and Drawings. Cloth, 50c.


Electric Gas Lighting Electric Gas Igniting Appara 10096

Second edition thoroughly revised, greatly enlarged and brought up to latest American Practice, By H. S. NORRIE,


Considerable space in the new matter is given to the following: Medical and bath coils, gas engine and spark coils, contact breakers, primary and secondary batteries; electric gas lighting; new method of X-ray work, etc. A complete chapter on up-to-date wireless telegraphy; a number of new tables and 25 original illustrations. Great care has been given to the revision to make this book the best American work on the subject. A very complete index, contents, list of illustrations and contents of tables have been added.

Contents of Chapters.

1. Construction of coils; sizes of wire; winding; testing; insulation; general remarks; medical and spark coils. 2. Contact breakers. 3. Insulation and cements. 4. Construction of condensers. 5. Experiments. 6. Spectrum analysis. 7. Currents in vacuo; air pumps. 8. Rotating effects. 9. Electric gas lighting; in multiple; in series. 10. Primary batteries for coils; varieties; open circuit cells; closed circuit cells; solutions. 11. Storage or secondary batteries; construction; setting up; charging. 12. Tesla and Hertz effects. 13. Roentgen Radiography. 14. Wireless telegraphy; arrangement of circuits of coil and coherer for sending and receiving messages; coherers; translating devices; air conductors; tables; contents; index.

XII + 270 Pages, 79 Illustrations, 5 x 6 1/2 Inches.

Cloth, $1.00.